Rant: ALL Jobs Suck!

all jobs suck
all jobs suck

Not really sure where I should began. I am a little annoyed right now. I have a lot to be grateful for but I still feel like I need to vent.

This morning I signed up for Flexjobs.com to find a telecommuting job that I can do from home while I am employed as a House Manager and Pet Sitter. In my search as USUAL I cannot find a job that I can meet the requirements. Do I have a home phone? Yes. Do I have internet? Yes. Do I have fast internet? Yes. Can I get a headset with microphone? DEFINITELY! Am I highly skilled and qualified? OF COURSE! Over 8+ years experience in the customer service field!

Now I am sure you’re wondering then, whats the problem? Overqualified? Possibly but the places I looked at I dont think they care nor do I, I will happily accept the pay cut. But no, the stupid ass problem is I dont have a analog land line I use VOIP, aka Magic Jack. My internet also is not acceptable because I HAVE A WIRELESS ROUTER!!!

I mean REALLY??? Dont they know that a lot of moms, retirees, college students etc use the most inexpensive method for communication nowadays because of economic times! But no, not only am I not guaranteed a job even if I had those items I will still have to get them in order to get the job!

Then because of that I was thinking of the normal annoyances of jobs period. Such as having to leave the house, stuck in traffic to and from work, getting paid what corporate america thinks your worth and spending most your days, your life in an office with people you really dont like that much anyway. the 40-40-40. 40 hours a week. 40 years. 40% pay cut from your check. No thank you I left that kind of life 3 years ago after work since I was a teen and all in all my 20s. Changed 2 months before my 30th birthday! 🙂

Now, I am a house manager/home sitter/pet sitter I make enough to cover my rent and utilities & toiletries under the circumstances I can hardly go out of town because I am the only trustworthy person to watch my clients home and pets. In fact I dont even trust anyone else to take care of the home and pets as well. So you can understand my predicament. Under this situation I see my daughter all the time and even more so now that I homeschool her 🙂

Also last year I took a class and became a Nurse Assistant (Not certified but class completed) and I also volunteered at the hospital and had a couple of clients I did homecare for. I loved it and plan to do it again later when I put my daughter back in regular school again.

So like I said I have a lot to be thankful for. Now I just need a solution to the situation at hand at earning more money as either a telecommuting employee or independent contractor for a company based on all or some of the skills I currently have.

My other plan is to just start telemarketing on my own and cold call my own leads for my network marketing business I have and create my own job based on my own terms. Which to me seems like the most logical thing to do at the moment. Seems to be where I keep coming back to.

Whats great about jobs though is you know you go in, do your time and you get a paycheck and that is why I want a telecommuting job. Yes if you call leads everyday a certain number you experience the law of averages and do get sign ups but you have to be consistent.

I think I basically have to treat myself like a commission based employee because that is the only way I will be able to get them done and still make an income. I have done telemarketing and appointment setting in the past but they still paid by the hour.  I think rewards at the end are good motivation. Like a 90 minute massage after calling months worth of leads.

I went from being an employee, to self-employed and now working towards being a successful business owner. One step at a time right? 😉 I think working on my business and NOT trying to find a telecommuting job will be most beneficial to me in a long run. There is always a price to pay for anything you want in life. You have to make sacrifices. When you work a job you make sacrifices and mostly of your time. Being self-employed like I am now I have both the time and leads.

Like they say build your dream or spend your time building someone elses. 😉