Save the Naugler Family

Save the Naugler Family
Save the Naugler Family

Now I admit when I first saw this on my facebook newsfeed in the daily mail news article I was appalled at the family and their living conditions. But that is because the author of the article himself Mia De Graaf is disgusted and doing a subjective article. Now that is more appalling because she doesnt personally know them or their situation and she is just trying to sell hits to their website. Here is another article with a different point of view: article

Anyway I decided to think about it because I personally have wanted to live off the grid myself and I personally homeschool my daughter as well. Now looking at these kids and this family they are not malnourished or unhappy or scared they are just living naturally and like how kids would if they had no xbox, ipods, iphones, tv, video games etc…

I think people are misunderstanding though what happened and caused the arrest of the parents. If I understand correctly they were arrested for refusing to let the police to interview their kids now I think though they should have a warrant and then can make that request and a refusal can be made till their is a warrant.

I think though any kind of police or child protective services at your house is scary.  If it were me I would have allowed the interviews.

I hope they get their kids back, can you imagine losing your kids like that?? 1/2 the country is for them and half is against them and their living conditions. Yes they werent the best kind but they were happy. But for a family of 13 (baby on the way) they need a better off the grid type home. There are many types nowadays from sheds, mobile homes, etc

An interesting and thorough take on the family ->

and here are their websites: