Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza

Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza
Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza

Im addicted to Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza. I think the last two months I have ordered it maybe 8+ times…its just so GOOD!

When I was a kid I used to eat Little Caesars back when they had the spaghetti and kids meals, my daughter prefers Little Caesars.

Anyway I think what I really like is how their dough is made and their cheese and garlic sauce is amazing! Although at one time they had crappy dough and seemed like it was not cooked long enough.

I get the Garden Fresh Pizza because Im trying to become Vegan mainly but Vegetarian for the time being because right now Im 50/50 when it comes to eating meat. I once had their Garden Fresh pizza with no cheese and it was still alright. Although its rumored their dough has animal by product so basically I fucked no matter what if I was to be an extreme vegan. So I just do my best. Before deciding to make the change, I used to always get Papa Johns The Works and add jalapenos now I get the Garden Fresh and add jalapenos.

Plus the convenience of delivery and the fact that I can find online coupons for up to 50% off I take advantage as much as I can. Like I normally use a regular 25% off coupon (SAVE25 till June 30th 2015). But yesterday something was nudging me to check for a better deal and I found a 50% off coupon.

The only way the coupons work is if you order it online and order REGULAR vs their Special Offers. The way I do with the regular and coupon I save a couple more dollars than I would ordering a Special Offer. You cannot combine their specials offers with their coupons. I tested both ways and regular menu item with coupon you save more money.

Papa Rewards are awesome too! I think I have already got 2-3 FREE Papa John pizzas. I am 2 points away from another free pizza. I love food purchase point systems. I already have a free sub sandwich waiting for me at Subway. I just like to hoard my points instead.  I earn about 2-3 points per Papa Johns Pizza order.

In order to learn about deals I am subscribed to their Facebook page and I get their special deals texts messages.

Tip just look up coupons or promo codes online using keyword phrases “papa johns coupons” papa johns promo codes” and try the Garden Fresh you wont regret it 😉 I still get as full as I would with meat…might be all the carbs : p