homeschoolingI started homeschooling my daughter last quarter of her last school year because we werent happy with how the school was handling her special situation, this was a private christian school BTW (which I put her in 2 years prior because the public school system wasnt helping at all).

It took me a minute to decide to just do it because I wasnt confident that I could do it. My daughter has and was in resource and I didnt know if I could provide that kind of education. Well, being her mother and following my instincts about my own flesh and blood I figured out in fact I could do it. 🙂

mepregoteachingenglishmexicoSee when I was pregnant with Liz I lived in Mexico with my husband and for income I taught English to children. So I figure I must be a natural : p

There is a lot of homeschooling stereotypes such only Mormons do it, the funny part about that is I live in Utah lol!

Or how will she socialize? My daughter doesnt really socialize anyway she was always annoyed by how loud the kids in her class were.  She does have one friend though from her last school with whom she does interact and visit with when schedules permit.

Im a total non-conformist so homeschooling was just another notch to add to what I already do or dont do 😉 My list of nonconformists goes as this I work at home, have a home business, Im going Vegan, so this was just another thing I was happy to try to do.

There is plenty of free curriculum out there online, I teach based on my daughters level and have a curriculum book I got from yes Sam’s Club.  We do work in the afternoon. I focus mostly on her reading and some worksheets. For PE we take walks and go swimming.  Im kind of disorganized but do my best to stick to a regular schedule. Frankly if I can do it, anyone can and homeschooling is very common like telecommuting is nowadays.

Am I going to homeschool always? No. But for now as I have the opportunity I will.  🙂