I Started Marketing

Yes I finally started mid-June (the 17th) Marketing my businesses again. I decided I was going to market HOW I wanted too which meant I didnt have to cold call but still using my Leads. 😉

I have been posting in Facebook spam groups and texting my leads so far these are the only 2 means where I have thousands upon thousands looking at my businesses.

I am also promoting what I WANT. Which is National Wealth Center, Jewelry in Candles and TRAINN.

I have also been following up with my prospects of those who entered my business systems. So in a matter of time with the persistence I will be making a regular income again 😀 I figure 2-3 months. If you are surprised at 2-3 months you are not being realistic about earning money online. You need to get as much exposure as possible and I read awhile ago that it takes a person 7 times to take interest or buy into something. Its called the rule of seven. I know from my own experience before I joined Jewelry in Candles.

Im trying to earn enough money for when I move out of state to help pay for my utilities and home as well as have more freedom to do and buy whatever I want. Although I am blessed to work from home, my income is still limited at the moment but I have ton of time.

I have such a low overhead of business expenses around $55 a month. The joys of working from home and online : D  and my profit is unlimited especially since in the past I have made thousands of dollars just from online marketing.

My goal states $2000 a month but my ultimate goal is $10,000 a month. I will then be outsourcing and start trading as well.

Anyway thanks for reading and remember to follow up and exposure, exposure, exposure x 7! 😀