MySpace Tom Anderson Where is he Now?

myspace tom anderson where is he now?
myspace tom anderson where is he now?

This morning, I woke up and pulled up Facebook and saw Tom Anderson of MySpace trending showing Tom Anderson traveling the world. According to this article:

“The first Myspace pages were made in August 2003 and by 2005 the company was sold to NewsCorp for a huge $580 million. In English, that’s £361 million. Considering the market at the time, that was massive. Tom, the face of Myspace and everybody’s friend, became president of NewsCorp. We were all friends with the president of NewsCorp… think about that.

In April 2009, Tom was replaced as president and in 2010 he was no longer the default friend for Myspace users. He was replaced by “Today On Myspace” or “T.O.M.” Clever, right?

He did a few advisory roles for various tech companies but his Twitter bio now says he is ‘enjoying retirement’. He’s 44 years old, retired and his net worth is around the $60 million mark. So he isn’t doing too bad for himself. Look how happy he is…

In case you werent around or old enough to remember myspace, it was the first social network to EXPLODE and open the door to ALL social media. MySpace was a household name in 2002-2005, around that time.

I remember being on MySpace and would talk to my co-workers plus previous co-workers plus family and met my half sister and her mom on MySpace. There were no apps at that time and I didnt have a smart phone so I would get on desktop computer after work and hang out on Myspace. I did status updates, posted pictures and blog posts.

Now its just a music site for upcoming and seasoned artists. So I dont go on it anymore and just use Facebook for those things. I get a little nostalgic about that time when I think about it because at that time I also used Yahoo! Messenger for music and some chatting. Even though technology was breaking through at that time things were still a lot simpler at the beginning of 2000s.

According to the article  :

Tom Anderson. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you may know him better as Myspace Tom. Chances are, he was your first ever friend on social media when you signed up to Myspace all those years ago.

There is that infamous photo of the man himself, looking round from a whiteboard and smiling, which is etched into the minds (and the profile) of every Myspace user since the dawn of time. Or just the dawn of Myspace.

Tom started out in the world of tech in 2000 as a product tester and copywriter at XDrive, a digital storage company. He then founded a direct marketing company called ResponseBase with Chris DeWolfe which was bought by eUniverse in 2002.

It was at eUniverse where Tom and De Wolfe developed Myspace as a reaction to Friendster but when the company became Intermix Media, Myspace took off and became the household name we all know.

myspace tom anderson where is he now?
myspace tom anderson where is he now?

Now he is 44 and “Retired”, Rich and Traveling the world. ON his Instagram and Twitter he posts his adventures and pictures of where he has been.

Awesome Tom and Thanks for opening the door to Social Media. 🙂
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