Profile: Katharine Hepburn

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I decided to write about Katharine Hepburn because mainly we have the same birthday May 12th, then more I learned about her is she was sassy and loved breaking the rules. Kind of my thing 😉

She also loved to wear pantsuits and back in her time women did NOT do that. She was also married just once and felt it wasnt necessary to do it again.

I havent seen any of her movies but I did watch The Aviator, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, a movie about Howard Hughes and how she once dated him.

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I also thought she was somehow related to Audrey Hepburn but there is no relation after some google research.

They say she was very private about her personal life but she loved being famous.  I thought that kind of sounded how I would be if I were well known.

According to wiki she also wrote her own autobiography, which already added to my amazon wish list. I am currently working on my autobio as well and wont be finished anytime soon 😉


55136-oReading more about her she was very adventurous I would like to be more myself as well. They said she was a huge fan of golf and according to The Aviator Howard Hughes taught her to fly? She reminds me I need to be more and I am trying. I just dont feel like its the right time to be. Her first major successful movie role was called A Bill of Divorcement, I am going to watch that. She also did a ton of theater before it. Ive never really been into theater. So I am going to try to catch some of her movies and her last role before she passed. khold

She also had a 25 year affair with a man she adored, Spencer Tracy.  He was of course married and never left his wife. I just think thats life and their business.

Anyway she was wildly successful but then had a dry spell of bad films and was noted as actress of box office poison. I could imagine how irritating that could be.

Her last film before she passed was Love Affair in 1994 and she did that movie at 86 years old. She lived till she was 96 years old. That is amazing, my goal is to live to exactly 100 years old and pass in my sleep.