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Growing up, in the early 90s I remember watching Roseanne in the motel that we lived in. I liked her show then as much as I do now. Her show was always so realistic and about everyday working people with families. I believe they call us, blue collar or middle class I think fits in that same description. I mean the Conner family in Roseanne did own a house.

In Roseanne she had two daughters and a son. Becky, Darlene and her son DJ. I liked Darlene Conner, she didnt give a fuck lol! She was like her character mom Roseanne Conner. Roseanne Conner was married to Dan Conner who mostly worked in construction, Roseanne Conner held an assortment of jobs. She was also close to her sister Jackie and her nana. Her mother was very judgmental.

Anyway I loved the show growing up. Roseanne is quite a character herself though. She ran for President in 2012. I would have voted for her if I was actually aware that she ran. I instead voted for Barack Obama again. Shes had 2-3 TV shows since Roseanne TV series has ended. The shows were The Roseanne Show, The Real Roseanne Show, Roseanne’s Nuts, etc…I never watched any of those shows and they were short lived anyway. She’s also had a couple of reunions with her cast from Roseanne. I get nostalgic when I watch the show which is constantly on WE and now on Netflix. I can easily watch Roseanne reruns.

If you look at the pictures above you can see Roseanne has lost a lot of weight and had cosmetic surgery and now currently a blond. I prefer her brunette/black with grey hair. But I am also a blond right now myself doing pink temporary next then red and then back to my natural color for a bit. To each our own right? I miss her basically though as Roseanne, which of course was only a character and a character who also went through changes like us all.

Right now she is 62 and doing stand up tour like she did when she first started. Oh I almost forgot to mention she is from Salt Lake City, Utah, where I live and her family was sorta LDS/Mormon and Jewish which I thought was interesting, but back in her time and still now you have to fit in in order to be accepted, that is why I cant wait to get the fuck out of here too, although I do love the peace and the mountains but ready for a change. Im from the desert (Las Vegas, NV) and want to retire in the desert (Arizona).

Trying to think of my favorite episodes of Roseanne. Thats tough I liked all of them and not sure if I had any favorites…hmmm…

Anyway love you Roseanne!