Review: Netflix

review netflix
review netflix

Ahhh Netflix I figured it was time for me to do a blog post about Netflix. Going through my Netflix account I was trying to find the specific date I joined, billing only goes back a year so I went to my PayPal and it showed april 2014. For some reason it seemed longer than that to me, I was also trying to figure out what was the main reason for joining as well.

I think although I am not certain was for to get caught up and binge watch The Walking Dead but Im honestly not sure because I think I started The Walking Dead in 2013 or so. But my parents had the Netflix DVD service back in 2006.

Anyway Netflix has revolutionized movie watching with streaming on any kind of device you own. I finally am able to hook it up to my TV which I did but have no use for. I tend to avoid my Dish right now and I have Dish Anywhere on my phone and laptop. I normally watch on either my HTC One smartphone or my Toshiba Laptop. That wasnt even really how Netflix started neither.

When I was a kid we went to the local Blockbuster and rented VHS until DVDs came out then we rented DVDs but because of Redbox, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus all those businesses eventually just shut down because of lack of customers all moving to the more convenient get your movie in the mail bit.

Now Netflix has become a household name. There are memes, Facebook groups specifically dedicated to Netflix and its competitors because I am in one lol!

The memes are great though with the on going jokes such as if you have met the one they share their netflix password with you, or if you break up they change it. Binge watching an entire season in one setting and depressed because there isnt more. That mostly happens with Netflix Originals though, yes Netflix has its own TV series, movies, documentaries etc. My two favorites that I am waiting on and may binge watch on the reruns till the new ones come out are Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Plus they are always coming out with new originals. I love it!

I also have Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, main reason for Hulu Plus is because they show regular TV Series like ABC episodes right after they come out on their deal but they suck ass though because you have to sit through commercials still even though you are a premium member. I have Amazon Prime because free 2 day shipping. Well worth the $100 a year.

My Netfix routine is simple though. Every night I pick out 2 movies to watch and then I watch some silly comedy TV series after. Right now I watch Psych after. While I watch my movies I like to pull up on the details of the movie and for the message board about the movie and sometimes google images for a character I cannot place. I get my moneys worth out of Netfix for sure.

I went to go cancel Hulu Plus because I dont need anymore till Greys Anatomy and Scandal episodes come out next year for a new season and to not terminate my account they are giving me next month FREE. How awesome is that? 😀 So keeping it till August although have no use for it right now really.

review netflix
review netflix

See this meme on the right? Very true for me, I sometimes have a hard time finding a movie to watch. I think I over-analyze and afraid I wont like it. So it will literally take me 2 hours to find one movie to watch. Its so annoying to be indecisive. I have got better at it though.

I also had no idea Netflix was publicly traded till I pulled it up on Wikipedia. I was thinking of trading again. Right now I only have Wendys Stock on Sharebuilder and its kind of sad. I had been looking at Penny Stocks too. NFLX is it their code name or whatever its called, I cant remember whats it called. Anyway they are worth $657 a share! DAMN! Im not surprised.

Well thanks for reading now time to find some movies 😉