Staycation 2015

staycation 2015
staycation 2015

We havent had a staycation since 2013. I think they are a great way to get away when you can necessarily get away. I have been doing staycations since 2010. So when I had the opportunity I jumped on it right away 😀 Before we left for our hotel room we ran a few errands to get prepared. We stopped at Quik Pik for junk food, Little Caesars for a couple of fast pizzas, got gas for the suburban and then picked up two redbox DVDs – Identity Thief with Melissa McCarthy (2013) and Survivor with Milla Jovovich (2015). I have a pending blog post about Melissa McCarthy later.

Anyway we arrived at the hotel a little after our check in time, around 3:20pm. We put the dogs in the hotel room first then got one of those luggage carts to bring our stuff up to the room. We decided to relax until we felt like going swimming. The pool was indoor heated with a jacuzzi.

Finally around 6 we decided to go swimming, in the swimming area, we were the only ones. I thought it was awesome to be able to swim without a bunch of loud noisy assholes lol! Thats the benefit of going to a staycation on a Tuesday after a major holiday like the 4th when all the noisy annoying people have left. First we hung out in the jacuzzi, for around 15 minutes then we went inside the swimming pool then before we left we hit the jacuzzi again for another 5 minutes. The pool was 5ft deep and in an L shaped. The jacuzzi was your average size. Its hard to tell in the pictures.

After swimming, I decided to shower, well initially I decided to shower but the tub was round and shiny (although average size) that I decided to bath instead. I normally shower and I did at the end to clean myself off. But as I was saying I normally shower because bath tubs never get completely clean and hair & other floaties are just disgusting. Anyway as I was bathing in the bath tub all I could think about is how the elderly were used to taking baths but in senior homes or nursing homes they have no choice but to shower and hate it. I still dont completely understand WHY I was thinking about that but I was. I was also thinking about animal and human welfare. Dont ask.

Oh if you are unclear what a staycation is its basically staying somewhere locally to sorta “getaway” without the cost of plane tickets, cruises, etc that can be done around home area. Cheaper version of a vacation 😀

Oh let me tell you about our room, we had a double queen beds non-smoking. So Liz and I got our own beds (which was nice). I decided not to bring my laptop, so I can be more or less “when in rome”. My daughter on the other hand HAD to bring hers. I did check my facebook on occasion on my HTC android smartphone but that was it. I mostly watched TV in the room and rested some. Around 9 we decided to watch our movies on Liz laptop. They were both actually really good movies too. After the movies we just watched TV and she went on her laptop and we both relaxed. Oh we must have seen every movie of the ice age franchise too.

Our chihuahua and lab were pretty good throughout the stay. They only got upset, mostly my chihuahua Sheesha when we left the room. Coco always does wells on car rides or hanging out in hotel rooms.

The next morning at 6 we got up for our complimentary breakfast, Liz grabbed homemade waffles (I love that hotels have waffle irons) and I had 2 very small to go cups of coffee. I forgot how big their coffee cups are. But they never fail to have water down coffee. Anyway then we packed up and went home. 🙂