October 2015 Update

Me working @ Walmart
Me working @ Walmart

Its been a minute since my last update (June 2015) and with some new changes of course.

Well, after gaining 170lbs, bored out of my mind and having my brother move back in I decided to get a job, at Walmart, which is 5 minutes from home and work graveyard as an Overnight Cashier and Stocker.

Which getting this job I wanted something completely opposite from what I did at my old customer service job at UPS.

Instead of working day, I work night, instead of working full time I work part time, instead of having a sedentary job, sit down job I would have a physical job. The list goes on Im sure.

Also, I ditched my main Facebook account and just post on my personal account now because I am just wanting more privacy now compared to before and have ditched my business marketing till I figure out what I will be doing in that area.

Since getting my job I have lost 8lbs and met new people. I like socializing with my co-workers and interacting with the customers. Crazy things happen at night too but it keeps the job interesting.

Not only am I am Cashier, I also stock, zone, claims, freight, returns, self-check, greeter, cardboard etc. Which is a nice change.  I also get to wear jeans every night which would be absurd at my old job unless you got a ticket to do so.

Business wise idk what I am doing yet. I have been avoiding everything including my blog but thought I was do for an update.

On another note, I bought myself a rowing machine after watching House of Cards, not the best like on HOC one but an affordable one from Amazon.com and started using before I got my job but now need to get a new routine so I can begin using it again.

I also started eating meat and dairy again. idk when I will try to become vegetarian or vegan again but I know maybe sometime in the future.

Until next time…