win a brand new tablet
win a brand new tablet

It has been a long time coming but I am doing a contest! I havent done one in ages and want to start doing them again! So for the new year my contest is win a brand new tablet! This specific tablet I purchased for myself and my daughter on Christmas and I use it for Netflix, Amazon video and youtube videos.

The winner will randomly be chosen at List Randomizer based on the number of entries they have entered!

Keep reading ——————–> Example:

Every social media will be one entry for example if you share on Facebook twice that is 2 entries

3 Facebook Shares is 3 Entries

1 Tweet is 1 Entry

LIKE Facebook page Jackie Rose URL: is 2 entries

SUBSCRIBE to me 3 Entries

Have an interesting story and a professional allow me to interview you for my blog and you will receive 10 entries!

Advertise on my blog you will receive 20 entries!

COMMENT on my blog is 1 Entry

The more shares the more entries and I will need to authenticate those shares! (via the URL showed shared at)  😀 Plus I need contact information to notify you if you have won! (email or social media page where I can message you)

Leave a comment with all your shares info and authentication and a way of contacting you 🙂

The winner will be chosen on May 31st 2016 😀 USA Only. Updated 1/27/16 updated contest date since not enough entries.


NOTE: Reserve my right to modify contest at anytime