Barbie has Evolved!

credit: Barbie
credit: Barbie

I couldnt believe when I woke up this morning and I saw Barbie now has a CURVY doll! or dolls I should say! With 7 Curvy types with different skin tones and sizes, 7 Tall with different skin tones and types and 7 Petite with assorted skin tones and looks and with 12 new Original dolls with assorted looks.

credit: Barbie
credit: Barbie



This doll is my favorite, she is curvy with dark hair (like mine) and bluish eyes (like mine).

Then I had to go see Lammilys response since they are the ones who paved the way for basically curvy dolls and I quote them per their Facebook page:

“In 2014, Lammily launched the world’s first realistically proportioned fashion doll with the help of over 13,000 backers. At that time, some of the biggest toy companies were not sure if kids would actually want a realistic doll.

Lammily is thrilled that Mattel has released Barbie in different body types. To us, it validates what we’ve been doing for the past several years. The “realistic fashion doll” market is now a very real thing and Lammily is excited to continue to innovate in this field. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!”

my Lammily doll In case you have been living under a rock, Lammily began as a mere facebook post on how dolls should be proportioned then a guy buy the name of Nickolay Lamm decided to make it reality with a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to create an doll with more realistic features. I personally backed that campaign and bought a doll for myself and my daughter. (pictured on the right). You can read more about Lammily and her beginnings on wikipedia.

Now Lammily has different fashions, clothing patterns, apparel for girls, career wear (for lammily) such as a chef uniform and even an army commander and to keep her still unique as she already is lammily marks for bruises, glasses, tattoos etc and even a pack for when she starts her period and coming out with an African American doll on March 1st that is a photographer, the (original lammily is a traveler).

Now my only concern is Lammily being able to keep up with Barbie or Barbie trying to buy out Lammily. Which has a very BIG possibility. After all the past couple of years ironically that Lammily has came out Barbie sales have dropped.

I could give another multitude of reasons why their sales have dropped as well, Barbie has been getting lazy and cheap with their fashion, making most of their wardrobe glued or painted on to them unlike their 80s and 90s dolls who were spectacular! My favorite being Sparkle Eyes Barbie and my daughters favorite Hannah Montana doll. But hopefully they will figure that out.

Personally though,  I have loved Barbie all my life and appreciate both dolls and Barbie proactive approach by making Barbie with more realistic features.  I am excited for both future additions too! 😀

What do you think of the new realistic Barbie? What was your favorite toy growing up?

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