Flint Water Crisis Scandal

credit: cnn.com
credit: cnn.com

Off and On my Facebook newsfeed I have been hearing about the Clint Michigan Water Crisis. Let wiki update you like it did me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis Basically for the state or city did to save a few bucks was switch over the water supply from one source to another which ended up leading to lead contamination and a ton of investigations going on.

Now there are all these class action lawsuits against the state and governor because of the recent illnesses of Legionnaires disease and lead poisoning in a nutshell.

IMO not sure if there is more to it then leading on, but now there are 10 deaths because of it, 77 ill and everyone playing the blame game. But no state government official has had to pay any consequences for the damages.

You also have different activists and celebrities putting in there two cents, Erin Brockovich, Michael Moore, Cher, Meek Mill, Jesse Jackson, Rachel Maddow etc some donating water or money too.

The water was switched back to the original source but the outcome has caused a lot for concern, especially since initially the federal government did not want to get involved in a state matter, just like Hurricane Katrina….mmmhmmm…state matters ARE government matters period. But they only like to play that card when it comes to taxing your ass or legalizing pot. SMH.

I also wonder though is this situation to push some sort of nationwide agenda. This is my conspiracy ass talking again…you can never help but be curious…I wonder if there is going to be a crisis is every state to accomplish some sort of mission involving the masses.

I think though how amusing it is for Hilary Clinton to speak on it since this is her calculative move towards Democratic Presidential election for 2016. Her response per wiki: “The people of Flint deserve to know the truth about how this happened and what Governor Snyder and other leaders knew about it. And they deserve a solution, fast. Thousands of children may have been exposed to lead, which could irreversibly harm their health and brain functioning. Plus, this catastrophe — which was caused by a zeal to save money at all costs — could actually cost $1.5 billion in infrastructure repairs.”

I give her credit though she doesnt give up no matter what anyone says about her and her email situation. Which honestly I dont care or know anything about.

Bernie Sanders said he should just go ahead and resign, the governor Rick Snyder, it doesnt look like he has but 3 other state officials have.

But really as a state government city government couldnt they have tested the water before the switch? Checked the pipes for lead? I mean this is common scents folks wouldnt anybody have it looked at first? Seems logical to me but they are a government and know what they are doing 😉

I guess whatever the main objective is we will soon find out….