Food Review: Wendys New Black Bean Burger

Food Review: Wendys New Black Bean Burger
Food Review: Wendys New Black Bean Burger

First of all I havent done a food review like this in a LONG time…second I have always felt a special closeness with Wendys because that is where I worked in high school, that is where I met my husband, our boss was my neighbor who was also my witness at our wedding and she also gave me singing lessons. I had a lot of fun working at Wendys in high school.

I also at one time on Sharebuilder purchased Wendys stock. There stock is very inexpensive.

My favorite sandwich at Wendys growing up was the Jr. Bacon Cheesburger and Big Bacon Cheeseburger, plus I love the chili, baked potatoes, chocolate frostys.  I have no idea why they got rid of the Big Bacon but they need to bring it back! I always thought their quality of food was better than any other fast food place like McDonalds or Burger King.

Anyway today I am doing a review on the new vegetarian Black Bean Burger at Wendys. I tried going vegan/vegetarian in 2014, I did pretty good, I went weeks eating just vegan/vegetarian food.

My favorite foods were hemp milk, veggie burgers, tofu tacos, avocado bagel sandwiches, oriental ramen, clif bars, fake fish. I loved bean burritos so it was easy to eat them without meat anyway.

I tried so hard to stay vegan I bought a shirt titled peace love vegan, a cow necklace, I adopted a turkey on my favorite holiday Thanksgiving and ate a tofurkey. You can read more on my Vegan Blog HERE.

I always wanted to eat healthy, organic, vegan clean food (not processed) used recycle bags while shopping, have solar panels on my house, do home birth water birth naturally (I did have natural child birth but not a home water birth). Those kinds of things. I guess a granola mom they call it? idk be like a hippie, have a garden and such, do things from scratch.

I plan on trying to become vegan again just not sure when or what process I want to take. Its a matter of making the decision then making it happen. I have been thinking of giving up pork though. Since the Bible states you are not supposed to eat it and there are other issues with eating it. I am not a huge fan of bacon anyway. But that is a whole other blog post 😉

The Wendys New Black Bean Burger per Wendys website is built:

The Black Bean Burger is full of flavor with the harmonious pairing of Southwest spices, grains and vegetables. The burger starts with a custom crafted black bean patty, tender on the inside and slightly crusted on the outside. Along with black beans, the patty is made of peppers, grains, corn, carrots and a blend of spices, like cilantro, garlic and chili pepper. Pepper jack cheese and a tasty parmesan ranch sauce perfectly accompany the sandwich – all served on a toasted multigrain bun featuring nine different grains and seeds including white sesame seeds, red quinoa and rolled oats.Now Wendys did forget to add that the sandwich also includes tomatoes and spinach leaves.

I was lucky enough to be able to try it first since my city and state was a test market area (Salt Lake City, Utah) plus on top of that I live 5 minutes from Wendys. The Test Market areas are Salt Lake City, Utah; Columbus, Ohio; and Columbia, South Carolina.

You can also turn this vegetarian burger into a vegan burger simply by requesting no parmesan sauce or pepper jack cheese.

I thought the sandwich was tangy and creamy,  and I love spicy anything. I was also happy it had spinach leaves instead of lettuce, Im not a huge fan of lettuce, but normally I will eat Wendys lettuce because its a slab and not diced up.

The sandwich was pricey, $4.49+ by itself, but it is considered a “big” sandwich, which is understandable. I am still hungry though. But overall I would eat it again because one its healthy, two I like spicy or tangy foods and three its vegetarian or can be vegan by request. I hope it does hit the national market though.

TIP: If you ever want a big sandwich cheaper, save your Wendys receipts and take the surveys it will give you $2 off a big sandwich or big salad for future orders but you can only get that coupon once a month.

*Burger King has their own veggie burger which is good too. Chipotle also has a tofu vegan option which I thought was tasty too.

Anyway its really good try it 🙂 Have you tried it? What did you think? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂