Google Self-Driving Cars of the Future


Yesterday, I was researching something and came across a post about self-driving cars, see I kind of have forgot about the idea unless it comes up in the news occasionally then I realized why havent I thought more thoroughly about this??

Well, after my most recent freeway incident of going to the airport, I was in the car with my daughter complaining the whole time that once I get rich Im getting a driver period. I totally forgot about self-driving cars, then you have uber also, but I wont go there, uber kind of reminds me of craigslist – creepy.

So now back to self-driving cars, which the most recent update I heard about googles self-driving car is that it got into an accident or crash. So they still have a lot more of improving there. I guess though the project maybe fascinating but technology I think is also scary.

In general though I think driving is such a chore, idk if it was ever fun for me. I didnt get my drivers license till I was around 24 and a car not till a year later. My first car I drove was a Toyota Camry, I loved that car.

Right now I drive my parents Chevy Suburban till we move to Arizona. I always wanted a Toyota Prius though. I like driving big vehicles now though because of the Suburban, I really think they are safer compared to some little car. My last car was a Dodge Stratus, it was a good car. I miss it sometimes.

If I were ever to get a driver though, I would def have to have a thorough background check, you can never be too safe nowadays, or I could take a self-driving car too as long as I aint the one driving.