I Hate Freeways

credit: Deseret News
credit: Deseret News

I can name a couple of incidences of WHY I refuse to drive the freeway ANYWHERE. I love how people like to tell me how much faster it is blah blah blah. 4 Lanes of speeding traffic is not fun nor worth my nerves.

The first time I started driving the freeway was when I lived in Sandy Utah and commuted to work in West Valley Utah. I would also drop my daughter off in daycare in West Valley Utah before heading to work.

Well one day I was commuting to work with my daughter in the car and on the freeway and I nearly crashed into the split with a truck behind me. As soon as I got to work I was freaking out and decided to have my mom pick me up to leave for the day. I had to have them bring me my car because it was still in my work parking lot, then after that day I decided I would at least take bangerter to work.

So I drove all the way across everyday till I got to bangerter and made a right. I later learned I could get to work from 5600 and towards the end of working at my job I took 5600 instead of bangerter because I had incidences occur on bangerter.

Someone had slashed my tire and my car ended up on the side of the road of a busy bangerter road. No not fun at all. I do like the mountain view corridor, nice and quiet back road. I love back roads. 😀

The second (or third) incident I had was dropping my parents off at the airport. Now stupid of me, because the other 3 times I managed to get off on bangerter from the airport, but this time I manager to get off on the road to Ogden! WTF right? On top of that, it was late at night and I was on the freeway. So I turned on my little google maps and had her direct me off the freeway and back home WITHOUT using the freeway. I LOVE that option on google maps. 😀 She basically had me take this long back road which led me to 5600 to go home because 5600 leads to my house. 😀

Oh and who could forget my car exploding on the freeway??

I also got lost on bangerter at night going home to Sandy because I didnt have my glasses and I ended up in the trax station where I accidentally pulled into the bus entrance and a police officer came and told me and I was crying all over the place. Yeah I know right??

Whats funny is I have always wanted to take a road trip, but I know there are back roads to any destination so I will take the back roads if I ever decide to go on a road trip. Oh and I guess I could never be a truck driver or have a job in the field, although I could probably swing a field agent job, since I have been a home care Nurse Assistant before.

But to me freeways are like roller coasters and give me a heart attack. I also avoid those 😀 too at all costs.

So how do you feel about freeways? 😀