Interview: Bruce Bates (Marketers Cooperative Founder)

This is my friend Bruce Bates, he runs a marketing coop for business owners.

1. Tell me a little bit about you – name, where you live, family etc…?

My name is Bruce Bates. I am the president and founder of the Marketers Cooperative. I grew up in upstate New York just outside of Albany NY. I have two beautiful boys ages 12 and 14 who both live in NY with their grandparents. I live in the Denver Colorado area at the moment, but I tend to move around a lot, so where I live often changes.

2. What is the Marketers Cooperative and how was it created?

The Marketers Cooperative is a member owned and operated internet marketing cooperative. Our goals are to help increase the rate of success for internet business, which at the moment is a rate of less than 1%. Our belief is that owners and marketers coming together and sharing tips and strategies and swapping marketing services and advertising services as one giant collective, will help achieve this and that is a large part of what that cooperative is about.

What we noticed is that while the success rate of internet start up companies was less than 1%, we noticed the failure rate of farms was less than 1%. That’s a HUGE contrast in difference. What we learned was that farms are so successful because they work in giant cooperatives. They work in buyer cooperatives. They work in seller cooperatives. They work in worker based cooperatives. They are involved with community cooperatives. The fact is, it is cooperatives that help farms be successful. Farms sell their crops to cooperatives before they are even grown. The cooperatives in turn can regulate competitive prices. This is what makes farms so successful.

We believe an internet based marketing cooperative can help in the same ways. We believe we can help site owners sell advertising spaces, we can get bloggers to talk about and announce programs, we can match business owners with potential clients and members, the possibilities are limitless. There is no competition in this industry. No one has tried anything like this before. So this is the void that the marketers cooperative is trying to fill, and this is ultimately what we are.

3. What do you do as a cooperative?

As we said, we found a need that needed to be filled, and that’s what we are doing. We are still growing and we are in very early stages. At this point we have one of the most advanced social networks on the internet with features that even facebook doesn’t offer. We believe there is a large need for marketers and business owners to have their own social network where they can share content. The existing networks, are simply not sufficient. The marketers cooperative is the first network to allow users to record 30 minute video’s right on the site. Just click a record button, and they save straight to a members stream. We are the first social network to offer podcast features. Just click record and a member can record 20 minutes audio’s.

But that’s just the beginning. Our network is designed to show content to all members of the site, not just the people someone connects with. From a business and marketing perspective, this is very important. This increases reach greatly. We also offer article/blog writing features, chat rooms, an in house email system. I mean we are a full blown social network with all the bells and whistles – only we are just for marketers and business owners. We also have a discount store that is only available to our members. Our store is put together by the members with their own offers. You can find upgrades to various websites, graphical creation services, seo services, and all sorts of other things.

Ultimately what we are creating is huge and we need the support of every business owner on the internet to make it happen.

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4. What advice would you give to new marketers?

Get involved with collectives and cooperatives. There is no greater strength anyone in business can have than to get support from others. Building your own team is all great and well, but having a team of people who have promised to work together for everyone’s success regardless of the business, is absolutely invaluable. Not working with cooperatives means having to worry about who to trust, scams, and all sorts of other issues that will set a business back. Cooperatives, because everyone involved works so closely together, eliminate those kinds of issues.

5. Where do you see yourself and your Cooperative in the future?

Well I’d like to believe in the future, the members still chose to elect me as the president of the cooperative. As for the cooperative itself, I honestly hope we expand to someday be as big and important to doing business on the internet as farmers cooperatives are to doing farming. The sky is ultimately the limit and we are in very early stages of development still.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Cooperatives bring the democratic voting process to capitalism. I think its important for more people to look into cooperatives that they can involve themselves with in their own communities. The marketers cooperative are here to help business owners online, but their are all sorts of cooperatives out there. I would recommend everyone reading this interview look into cooperatives local to the area they live – shopping cooperatives, energy cooperatives, there are all sorts of cooperatives out there in almost every community on earth.  Get involved!

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