January 2016 Update

medifferentthings First off, HAPPY 2016!!! I decided to use this picture on the left because, well its pretty damn cool if you ask me and I will use another before this blog post is done.

Well its now 2016 and for those following out there and are curious let me tell you what my plans are so far.

I decided again to make my blog my #1 Priority and main source of Income. So if you enjoy my blog, please share it and comment, I would love and appreciate it so much and I will do my best to make it the most entertaining blog ever! I promise to have major giveaways and do lots of interviews of interesting people and the world news and events and more strange stuff I like to blog about. 🙂 and blog every single day this year in 2016!

I also quit Walmart in December. I enjoyed it I really did but I was only doing it for extra money for Christmas and to get out of the house, so aside from JackiesRamblings.com being my main priority, my utmost important is also continuing to be a House Manager and Pet Sitter. How did I get so fortunate to get that kind of job anyway?  😉 I also do want an WAHM job again as well.

The point is I need to make more money and focus on it and build my blog. I really dont like depending on anyone for anything. My major goal overall is self-sufficient, self-reliant and financial independence.

My other plans for 2016 is to go out more, do more, be more. I am such a homebody and I love it but I also love trying new things and experiences. I want to take my daughter to Painting with a Twist, watch Amateur MMA Fights, take LeBus to Wendover and anything else I can come up with lol! That is what I have so far. I am also going to look into free activities till I build an income. pizap.com14510795636501

Im sooooooooooo excited though also to be moving to Tucson AZ this year and have tons of stuff to clean and declutter in this huge house.

Well I stepped away and also made a little discovery! According Alexa.com my blog has moved up 17 million websites! WOW! 😀 Now I take THAT as a sign that I need to solely focus on my blog! Here is the screen shot in case you dont believe me (remember to click the image to make it bigger!).

IMAG7015I have only improved my blog basically in the past week and week and half! But 17 MILLION! WOW!

I am currently using this wonderful self-improvement program for my business to help achieve all my goals this year for JackiesRamblings.com. Its called 100 Day Goal with the Business Bakery, with Julia Bickerstaff she has a wonderful system to help you stay on track for your business and personal goals!