My 1990 Toyota Camry & how it Exploded on the Freeway on the Way Home from Work

Before I begin, I would like to say I wrote this story a few years back on Squidoo, which later transitioned to Hubpages. Now I am taking back the original content that is mine because they get their knickers all twisted if its not perfect on their site and its my content and I own it, so I unpublished it and moving it to my blog. Like when I used to blog for Empower Network or Blogger, its my stuff, I took the time to write it, I own it and it belongs here where I can do whatever I want with it, because I use a self-hosted wordpress, I will no longer publish my work on other sites unless I am a guest blogger. Now on with the story 😀

“original title: The Goldie Story – About my 1990 Toyota Camry & how it Exploded on the Freeway on the Way Home from Work (my daughter and I named my car Goldie, cheesy I know)

Summary: Here is the story of my car unexpectedly blowing up in 2009 on the freeway on my way home from work…

The Goldie Story – About my 1990 Toyota Camry: Hello my name is Jackie and I thought I would share an interesting

the goldie story
the goldie story

story with you regarding my 1990 Toyota Camry (RIP) . But some background information first – I bought this car with my tax return money in 2006, I had turned 24 years old and was getting my first Car! I was excited, because I was
going FINALLY get a Car! I had got my Driver’s License when I was 22 years old but still had not had a car till sometime after that.

So anyway, I went to the used car dealership, just a small low end dealership. A nice old man had owned it. I was determined to not leave without a car! I had my parents with me so that they could check out the cars I was looking at and help me find a good one.

Well, I saw this Camry, a nice good-looking Gold Car, my dad checked it out and saw the the air conditioner, heater and radio ALL WORKED! They originally wanted $2500 for it. I offered $1,000 and Paid $1500. I think I got a really good Deal! So I took it home and practiced driving on my own.

Well I took care of it, I made sure the oil was always changed, always had gas above the half mark and bought all-weather tires. I drove it to my daughter’s school, work and then home again everyday. I also took it grocery store and to my parents house.

The car lasted a good 3 years and man did I LOVE THAT CAR!….now here is the crazy part…see below…

Part One – Tuesday, March 3rd 2009 – My Car was on fire on the way home from work

the goldie story
the goldie story

For two days, my car started making a clapping/clicking noise. I didn’t know what it was but I had planned on taking a look at it during the weekend because I had to drive to work.

Well, on Tuesday, March 3rd, on my way home from work I heard a pop noise and saw smoke on the passenger side of the hood. I got nervous and thought it would be best if I pull over on to the side of the road.

I started crying out of nervousness and I was panicky because I have never had to pull over before (REALLY!) . Well I was sitting there for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do and I saw two cars pull over. I thought they were just coming to see if I needed help or something.

So they run up to my car and tell me its on fire! I was like, what? So I grabbed my bag and jumped out and ran. As I was running away from the car I saw that at the bottom it was in flames! I couldn’t believe it!

I jumped in the car of the person who helped me and we waited until the fire truck and police got there because the car was going up in flames. A couple of people had tried hand held extinguishers, but of course that didn’t work.

the goldie story
the goldie story

Finally the police and fire truck had came. The car had exploded and then they were able to put out the fire. The car was charred. I gave my reports and they towed my car away. I was sad because I LOVED that car! I was and so was everyone else happy that I was okay.




Part Two – Thursday, March 5th 2009 – I was on the News! (KSL 5) and was Offered a Fundraiser to help Raise Money for a New Car!

News Links:

‘FireHouse’ employee saves woman from burning car

Woman meets rescuer who saved her from her burning car

the goldie story
the goldie story

Well, I decided to stay home from work the next day because of the shock of the whole experience with my car and almost in real danger of losing my life.

That night, I kept getting calls and a couple of voicemails. I am never the one to jump up and answer the phone and always let it go to voicemail on my cell phone.

But I was wondering who was calling me and so I decided to check it. So I was listening and it turns out that KSL 5 News and the person who saved me wanted to meet with me to make sure I as okay and interview me, they also told me that the person who saved me wanted to help me raise money for another Car!

So I met the person who saved and KSL 5 News Reporter Alex Cabrero and told them how thankful I was for the person saving me. Then I found out also about them using their car wash to do a Fundraiser on Saint Patrick’s Day to raise money to help me get another Car. I was very grateful and really couldn’t believe I was on the news as well! The whole ordeal has been quite an experience. I also cannot believe that because of my car blowing up, everything that has transpired from it.

Seeing the Car one last time Monday, March 16th 2009 – At the Towing Company

Part Three – Tuesday, March 17th 2009 – Firehouse Car Wash St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser

stpatsfundraiserThe day of the Fundraiser unfortunately I had to work. I am still gathering all the information from the Fundraiser. I had received $800 from the Fundraiser plus a few offers from dealerships.






Part Four – Saturday, April 11th 2009 – Purchased a 2001 Blue Ford Focus from Willey Honda

fordfocus2009Well, I finally bought a Car! I decided to purchase my car from the Willey Honda Dealership. I bought an 2001 Blue Ford Focus.




Part 5 – February 6th 2010

dodgestratus2010Decided to get rid of my financed car & purchase a Dodge Stratus in full

In the beginning of 2010, I was VERY unhappy with a financed car since I usually pay for it in full. So I got my tax refund in February of 2010 and went to a dealer in Sandy, Utah who gave me a car for $2200. Shane, my car salesman was very understanding and Riverton Hyundai was very helpful.


Update 1/4/2016 and Notes regarding Incident:

First of all, Firehouse Car Wash was not exactly the one to rescue me, he stopped but also another lady and she took me in her car, the news lies and lies real bad. Firehouse Car Wash used it as a promo opportunity, but they also helped me raise money for a car, so I guess its ok, but she should have not been kept out of the news opp. Being on the news was kind of cool too. 😀

2nd I hated that the car was financed, omg I was soooooooo pissed, I always pay for my cars out of pocket, they put it in my exes name because I had bad credit, as soon as I got my tax refund I returned that mucker to my ex and bought a new car outright, no financing.

3rd for update I sold my car to pick in pull because it just shut off on bangerter and I will be moving to Tucson AZ and get a new car there. Right now I drive my parents Chevy Suburban.