My 2015 Year In Review

After having no more clients in December 2014 and not volunteering at the hospital anymore I just stayed home and took Liz to her Private Christian School. In January though we took a trip to Texas to finally meet my Nana who we spoke to on the phone our whole lives growing up to bring her some of my daddys ashes and visit with her, we also met her sister and our uncle.  While in Texas I fixed my nanas laptop and we went to a restaurant where I ate the largest baked potato in Texas lol! I also became a Senior Rep for Jewelry In Candles. We also went to Idaho to visit my sis and her husband.

In March I decided to homeschool Liz because I had planned on it anyway the following year and she was feeling overwhelmed, well some trouble arose when I made that decision but everything worked out fine and next year she will be going back to public school again.

In May on my 33rd Birthday we went to Chili’s and I also received flowers and bought some alcohol, I didnt really do much else for my birthday this year. In May I also received my first Mammogram because I felt lumps but I was fine, I just have a bunch of tiny cysts.

In July I dyed my hair blonde again and then finally was able to dye my hair PINK, my favorite color. My daughter and I also finally took another staycation at La Quinta Inn since we hadnt take one in a couple of years.  It was nice and peaceful and not a lot of traffic was at the hotel. We got redbox dvds, little caesars pizza and junk food plus we went swimming.

Since my brother moved back in and my weight was up to 170lbs I decided to get a job at Walmart as an overnight cashier in September to make some extra money for Christmas. It was fun and did it for a couple of months.

In October for Halloween, I decided to be Beetlejuice, Liz was a vampire and I am unsure what my brother was, he just wore scary makeup. We also went out to the bar Bar Down Sports Bar and Grill (formally The Fox Hole) and did karaoke. Next year Im going to be Lelu for Halloween I decided, I was going to wait till I lost some more weight but f**k that…

November, I let my brother cook Thanksgiving, even though its my thing and it was good.

December we decided to kind of do Christmas early and not put up the tree this year and go to Olive Garden for Christmas dinner and we took a picture with the Grinch at the mall. I got Liz and I tablets, a famous youtuber book for Liz, my brother a bath & body mens dove set and emergency kit for his car and his own tablet.

New Years Eve Liz and I wear silly hats to celebrate and I buy apple cider and Pink Champagne to celebrate as well as appetizers such as shrimp cocktail and a snack food tray. We played uno, watched Men in Black, went to McDonalds to get a couple of eggnog shakes and a cheeseburger for Liz, then watched New Years Eve with Daly. When the countdown started it happened so fast I wasnt able to film it on time. Liz kept telling me over and over again how she couldnt believe it was 2016. She said in the late video I made was her goal was to be a successful youtuber with 100 subscribers and have blue hair in 2016. Before I went to be I watched my new favorite TV drama Person of Interest on Netflix.


I wonder what 2016 will bring?