Product Review: RCA 7 Voyager 2 Tablet 8GB

rca tablet review
rca tablet review

I figured I would go into more detail about the tablet I am giving away and I also decided to change the contest finale date since I dont have enough entries.

Anyway I first learned about this tablet on Black Friday when I worked at Walmart. It was being sold special at $28.00, it took me 3 tries to get one because everyone kept saying they were sold out when actually they werent!

So I bought the one for myself for $28 and decided to get my daughter one for Christmas as well. I was able to price match from for $32.99.

The actual retail of this is around $50 so the savings are pretty awesome. 😀

The specs:

RCA 7 Voyager 2:  7 inches HD Display; 4 Core processor; 8GB Storage; Android 5.0 Lollipop

1024×600 Display Resolution; Built in Blue Tooth Technology; Supports Google Play; Front Camera; Battery Life up to 6 hours.

Power On/Off; Headphone jack; Micro USB port; Micro SD card slot; Volume up/down; Microphone. Wifi Certified. Bluetooth.

I love mine and use it daily to watch my shows on Netflix or Amazon Video Prime. Right now Im currently watching Downton Abbey (stay tuned for a review on that) I also use it to read Amazon Kindle eBooks. Occasionally I will download games too. I have never had any issue with it whatsoever. I had a tablet a few years back that I sold and it was a few hundred dollars.

I was thinking of also getting a case for it and a stand.

My daughter uses her tablet if we have to go somewhere and wait. She prefers her Toshiba laptop for her Minecraft game and YouTube videos.

I used to have a Toshiba laptop 4gb, we had the same till she accidentally spilled something on hers and so I gave her mine and quick thinking I bought myself a 2GB Acer laptop. Honestly, I dont think I was thinking all that much when I purchased it. I mean 2GB! WTF can I do with that? I do eventually want to get us a both a gamer type laptop with tons of gbs. I have been researching at Best Buy and such and just need to save the money for it.

I also have an HTC Smartphone that I use when Im out. I think between my daughter and I we have enough technology to play with.

What do you like to use to get online? Watch movies? etc…? 🙂