To Become an Inventor

To Become an Inventor
To Become an Inventor

I remember growing up, I went to some sort of invention office, I was around 10-12 years old, I cant remember exactly. I had 4 ideas and a meeting with one of the people there. They wanted $10,000 or so dollars to secure my ideas and get them to manufacturing companies.

Of course growing up in Las Vegas and around 10 or so years old I didnt have that kind of money and even though I didnt know at the time, it was an patent or invention scam.

Now, a couple of days ago, I was thinking about my blog (as usual) and about my bad grammar (because I want to get it published in bigger places to get more traffic to my blog) and they will not accept shitty grammar so I thought HEY! I can invent a grammar software, then I used swagbucks (like google except you get paid in gift cards whenever you get swagbucks) and as luck would have it, there is already such a thing, one in particular is and some word processors I heard check for bad grammar.

Anyway this morning I was going through KickStarter and saw all these amazing inventions come to life and reminded me of when I used to watch Shark Tank and realized hey maybe I can still invent something? The skies the limit right?

So idk I could always find a product that needs improving or reinvent the wheel. With crowdfunding with websites like KickStarter its not as difficult as it used to be to get your idea off the ground.

Now I just need to figure out what to invent. Hmmm…

My favorite type of invention is not technology so much as the “all in one deal” like for example on KickStarter theres a Baubax travel jacket that has a list of 15 features a neck pillow, eye mask, passport pocket, phone pocket, portable charger pocket, blanket pocket, gloves, earphone holders, drink pocket, sunglass pocket, microfiber cloth, pen & stylus, ipad pocket and hand warming pockets. Now that is something USEFUL! I love useful things more than technology.

Another useful item I saw was The World’s First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag | 19 Features by Wool and Oak. Now this is a bag I would like to travel with. Some of the features include laptop pocket, open straps for newspaper and umbrella, book pocket, tablet pocket, valuables pocket, 2 built in shoe bags, passport pocket, tie pocket, charger, mouse and journal pockets, snapping key chain, walls snap into bag floor, attachable toiletry kit plus more features.

I also thought this Keyport Modular Multi-Tool was pretty neat too.

Of course besides useful things I LOVE planners (and they are also useful) and I am backing 3 Planners:

The Freedom Journal – Accomplish you #1 Goal in 100 days by John Lee Dumas

Life Hack Planner – Annual Planner, Daily Habits, Work/Life by Life Hack Planner

Get’er Done – Motivational Planner and Journal by Motiv8 Jake

Anyway if I do get a chance to invent something I want it to be clever and useful and never be outdated. My daughter wants us to go on Shark Tank if I do lol, who knows : p

Have you ever wanted to invent something? Have you?

Thanks for reading! 😀