Top 10 Ways to Disconnect from Technology


I know its hard to say when Im in fact blogging from my laptop right now but I think I am actually online a lot less than I used to be.

When social media came around especially MySpace and Facebook I was hardcore on my Dell desktop computer and Toshiba Laptop using it, catching up with friends, family and co-workers. I moved from desktop to laptop once I started using Facebook in September 2007.

I am unsure when I joined MySpace, either 2005 or 2006. I switched completely to Facebook in 2010. I also have  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. I used most of it for marketing. I have a few facebook accounts. Last year I dropped off my main biz facebook account for a few months to take a break from all the insanity and negativity and just stayed on my personal account.

My daughter is a huge fan of youtube and minecraft. She spends a lot of time online too. It could be a combination because I am and society.

Social media is only the beginning of staring at screens. I have a smartphone, laptop and tablet.  I use all 3 daily. I use my laptop for blogging and facebook and writing documents. I use my HTC smartphone when I am out for facebook, email gmail and google maps. I use my tablet for my amazon kindle ebooks, netflix and amazon prime to watch tv shows and movies. Thats a lot of screen time!

zombie-apocalypseAccording to around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today, yahoo news 2013 article suggests we spend 23 hours a week online and texting for recreational use.I beg to differ. I think people spend a lot more time online than that. I guess I think that though because I work at home anyway. I remember when I did work I tried to check my phone on facebook and latest emails during work and of course I did it on lunch and breaks.

Anyway I think we should all unplug for a little bit or even a lot. So here are some different ways to disconnect from the net 😀

  1. Read an actual newspaper or magazine instead of reading online or on your facebook newsfeeds. Thankfully because of baby boomers and their lack of training or care for the internet people still like to pick up a paper newspaper or magazine to read the latest gossip or news.
  2. Go for a walk in your neighborhood, leave your phone at home so you will not be tempted to check for updates, but walk during the daylight for safety or use a body alarm and carry pepper spray.
  3. Use your old stuff! Have an old camera? calculator? map? calendar? alarm clock? You get the idea. Use your old things more and your smartphone less 😀 Or only use your phone for calls and texts. It might be challenging at first but then you will get the hang of it.
  4. Start reading paper books again instead of using your kindle or nook. Plenty of places to get books – around the house, thrift stores, libraries, barnes and noble, or even if you have too.
  5. Look for free things to do. Go to the park, have a picnic, go to the library, sight seeing locally, sometimes free visits to the zoo, and yes you can use your camera phone or if you were able to dig out your old camera that is good too 🙂
  6. Clean and Declutter your whole house! Not only is it productive but it will keep you from going online!
  7. Make photo albums from your pictures from your old camera or collages from magazines.
  8. Draw on actual paper, make pictures of your favorite people, animal, things etc
  9.  Go hang out with your friends and actually talk.
  10. Write on paper or use a typewriter. Make up short stories, to do lists, write a book. You get the idea 😉

There is always something to do with or without technology in your hand. A lot of people, like myself, Im sure use our laptops, smartphones and tablets out of habit and when we’re bored keep refreshing and scrolling up and down our screens like a zombie.

I think technology is amazing but it is also scary. I think we should just try to keep our focus so our life doesnt pass us by while we stare at a screen.

What do you think?