TV Show Review: Nurse Jackie (spoilers)

tv show review nurse jackie
tv show review nurse jackie

Nurse Jackie per Wikipedia

Nurse Jackie is about a Nurse living in New York City working at All Saints hospital with a pill addiction.

I have watched a few shows here and there throughout the years but never the full seasons because I wanted to wait till it make to Netflix and it did when it had its last run last year in 2015. 😀

I wait for everything to come to Netflix, I hate waiting each week for a new episode, I dont do that anymore, times are changing and I dont have too. If there is a new show out, I will wait usually till there are at least 4 seasons out and they put it on netflix. I have exceptions however like when I recently watched Girlfriends Guide to Divorce with Lisa Edelstein (LOVED her in House) and going to watch Madam Secretary with Tea Leoni.

First, I do not like the fact that in each season there are 10-12 28 minute episodes per season, there were 7 seasons, so obviously I got through the show quickly. I prefer shows without commercial 45 minutes long and 20-22 episodes a season.

Anyway back to Nurse Jackie. First of all Ive never suffered any type of addiction although heard it runs in my family. Ive never been interested in alcohol, pills, street drugs, anything of that nature, the only addiction I could ever possibly have is internet addiction. Which I dont even think I really have that because then that would mean most of the population has it too with their computers, laptops, smartphones (especially smartphones), tablets and especially with social media.

Nurse Jackie starts out banging the hospital pharmacist for drugs claiming for her back. He is so in love with her and it doesnt take till last season that they love each other. But first couple of seasons he doesnt even know that she is married with two kids, in fact nobody at the hospital does. Kudos on keeping your life private I think.

She is really a great nurse,  because anytime she couldnt save a patient and even though its illegal she forged organ donation documents so that the patients organs could save other peoples lives.

Eventually when everyone finds out shes addicted to meds her husband becomes an absolute dick and I hate him, he always acted like he was better than she was. Yes she was an addict who lied and cheated but he wasnt perfect neither and he also cheated. All I could think through the show was what a dick he was. Jackie also ended up giving him full custody of their girls because of her addiction.

Then after they separate and eventually divorce, ironically enough she dates an NYPD officer lol but upfront with him she tells him shes an addict, or former, since she had been sober for a few months already. I thought he was a control freak I hate that. I was happy when they finally broke up.

Funny on her 1 year sobriety anniversary she starts taking pills again, but previously she told her bff Dr. O’Hara that everything turned to shit after she became sober. She cant handle life so she takes pills basically. Her bff moves, her oldest daughter starts taking pills, trouble with ex husband and at work etc…

Man I just realized I need to start taking notes on this shit I review and sorry if I dont do it in order or anything but if you really want to know whats going on you need to watch the show yourself and form your own opinion.

Anyway what I loved about the show was how much Nurse Jackie loved the patients and had formed bonds with her co-workers. What I didnt like was her hospital administrator turned on her even though they had known each other for years. That still pisses me off. She knows shes an addict and Akalitus should understand since her son is an alcohol addict. Plus in previous episodes she covered for Jackies addiction. That I just dont understand.

Watching this show also made me realized how much I hate when actors leave shows early on, if fucking irritates me and makes me wonder what other gig do you have better than this?? WHO CARES if you are not doing movies. WTF do you want? I can understand for personal reasons but Eve Best (Dr. O’ Hara) leaving Im like REALLY?? She helped make the show. SMH. Personally I think tv series run a lot farther than movies do. You get to know the characters and love them like reading a book. Movies you cant exactly do that, franchise or not.

Anyway down to the last season you see how smart Jackie is trying to get her RN position back and trying to get back into the hospital. She hires the best damn union lawyer who gets her back in but because Akalitus is so set on making sure Jackie doesnt come back has her come back as a orderly. But the last couple of episodes she is a RN again.

The last episode makes sense because she is an addict but the outcome is left up for interpretation. I kind of like it when shows leave it up to interpretation but I kind of dont, at least in House you know what happened at the end.

Throughout the whole show I kept deciding if I want to be an RN or Medical Assistant. Right now so far I have completed Nurse Assistant school (not certified). I am interested in the medical field but I am also interested in Computer Programming/Security. I would like to earn degrees in both. along with medical stuff I want to learn all the coding too. Medical coding, billing and transcription. Im 34 and idk if I can honestly do all of that. Im trying to teach myself coding/programming so far. AND on top of that learn how to be a good telemarketer/appointment setter. WHEW I know.

Maybe I am way over my head who knows. I like learning new skills sets though.

Anyway even though Nurse Jackie is a short running series check it out, it is on Netflix. I think next I will watch Madam Secretary and Downton Abbey (this whole time I thought it was Downtown Abbey LOL) although I am not to high on British programming although its quite popular show. I am also looking into Supernatural so I guess I will have to see after Madam Secretary.


Thanks for reading and I appreciate comments! 😀 Have you already watched Nurse Jackie? What did you think?