WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com Dating Site Not Racist?

wherewhitepeoplemeet.com dating site not racist?
wherewhitepeoplemeet.com dating site not racist?

“Live Billboard in Salt Lake City, Utah featuring dating site catering to only white people”

Honestly, I am not even sure really where to begin. When my local news station Fox 13 posted it I just shook my head and moved on, but now its trending on Facebook and now feel I need to say something.

First of all, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and have since 1996, I am originally from Las Vegas NV, born and raised and moved out here with my family when I was 13 years old.

Now initially when I first moved out here I had a huge culture shock, because there were hardly ANY black people/African-American or Mexican/Latin people (or any other races) out here at all. My mind was BLOWN, let me tell you. But I got used to it and Utah has grown a lot since then. Another blogger mentioned that Utah is mostly made up of 91% White people already/still.

I haven’t seen the billboard yet, I live 10-15 minutes away from where the billboard is in West Valley. I could only imagine the shock it must be to see it in person. I am honestly surprised it hasnt been removed yet.

My thoughts? I am white, I live in Utah and I am not LDS. I used to work in customer service and when people asked me where I am out of, the first questions always are are you LDS and are you a 2nd or 3rd wife?? Annoying but that is what people think of Utah.

Honestly, I wish I could see this sign in person, before it could be taken down and it makes me uncomfortable. This will just add fuel to the race wars we already have out there. Well, people say “theres a blackpeoplemeet.com website.”so? I dont think they blatantly did what this guy did.

The dude obviously did it for attention and a quick buck. His claim we have freedom of speech,blah blah, blah…I call bullshit. Like I stated earlier there are 91% white people in Utah, the guy is located in Utah. Why do we need a website/billboard to find white people? I am sure the website could be national dating site as well. Im unclear if the owner is a bigot but I think he did it more to be a media slut. He could be both. This is his 15 minutes of fame and he could get sued.

Personally speaking, dating wise, I dont care what race you are. My daughter is half Mexican. I lived in Mexico for almost two years and she was born there. I couldnt ever sign up for a dating website like WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com just for the simple fact I would feel downright racist.

We’ll see how this plays out….

What do you think? How does this website/billboard make you feel? Leave your comment below 🙂