TV Show Review: Burn Notice (spoilers)

Burn Notice Review

Burn Notice Review
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Burn Notice Per “The title of the series refers to the burn notices issued by intelligence agencies to discredit or announce the dismissal of agents or sources who are considered to have become unreliable. When spies are burned, their connection to an espionage organization is terminated, leaving them without access to cash or influence. According to the narration during the opening credits, the burned spy has no prior work history, no money, no support network – in essence, no identity. The television series uses second-person narrative and frequent voice-overs providing exposition from the viewpoint of covert-operations agent Michael Westen, played by Donovan. The voice-over commentary is in the form of tips for fledgling agents as if for a training or orientation film.

After fleeing a blown operation in Nigeria and being kidnapped and beaten, Westen finds himself in his hometown[4] of Miami, Florida. He is tended to by his ex-girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne, but he has been abandoned by all his normal intelligence contacts and is under continuous surveillance with his personal assets frozen. Extraordinary efforts to reach his U.S. government handler eventually yield only a grudging admission that someone powerful wants him “on ice” in Miami. If he leaves there, he will be hunted down and taken into custody. If he stays, he can remain relatively free. Consumed by the desire to find out who burned him, and why, Westen is reluctantly drawn into working as an unlicensed private investigator and problem solver for ordinary citizens to fund his personal investigation into his situation as a blacklisted agent.”

This is last show I watched and here is my review. (I am now watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time) . I initially was going to watch The WB’s Supernatural but watching scary shit before bed does not suit me so I switched to a spy show Burn Notice. I also realized I love spy TV shows like Person of Interest or White Collar.

Also on this review, I took notes while I was watching the show because I would forget what I was going to add during my reviews on TV series, so now I need to decipher theses notes and write where relevant lol! Plus I just woke up, but I choose to blog first thing in the morning. idk why.

USA Networks Burn Notice has 7 Seasons with around 18 45 minute episodes a season (without commercials on Netflix) . I love shows with over 4 seaons, 45 minute episodes and over 15 episodes a season.

So let me begin, Michael Weston, the burned spy narrates during the show and discusses what and how they do operations with equipment and people. When he ends up back in Miami, of course the show has a bunch of chicks in bikinis and then his ex girlfriend Fiona wears skimpy clothes and my first thought was whore and then I realized its Miami FL it must be pretty damn hot and I would wear little clothes too.

Down the line I realized I love his off again on again girlfriend who loves to blow shit up lol! She is also Irish and originally met Michael Weston in Ireland when he was still a spy under a spy mission.

Michael Westons BFF Sam Ax/Chuck Finley, oh I just adore him. Bruce Campbell, the actor he was on Xena The Warrior Princess and Brisco County Jr. I think hes really hot, of course on Burn Notice hes a ladies man, but he has gorgeous eyes and his whole aura about him is hes just a funny man, a comedian, even his voice gives it away. Hes doing a new show now called Ash vs Evil Dead. You also learn more about Sam Ax background in the episode The Fall of Sam Ax.

I noticed from each show I watch I take away ideas on products or services that each show represents, for example in Downton Abbey they drank a lot of tea, so I started drinking tea.

On Burn Notice its about blueberry yogurt (Michael Weston), C4 (Fiona), Mojitos (Sam Ax), black Dodge Charger (Michaels) so anyway to try something different Im going to post a Mojitos recipe 😀 Also after watching the show I want to try a mojito lol!


1/2 lime, juiced
1 tablespoon white sugar
5 mint leaves
ice cubes

2 fluid ounces white rum
4 fluid ounces soda water
1 lime wedge

Muddle the lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves together in the bottom of a cocktail glass until the mint has broken down a bit, about 1 minute. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add the rum and soda water over the ice. Pour the mixture back and forth from from the glass to another glass to mix. Garnish with the lime wedge and enjoy. Mojito Recipe

Anyway back to my review. Oh yes the show did a lot of freeze frames, not sure if I liked that but after a couple of seasons you get used to it.  Like I mentioned before he narrates the story explaining how a CIA operative works, I liked learning new things though about explosives and psychology of working under cover though.

Oh I almost forgot to mention Fionas lips and boobs. I swear she had work done on both and at first thats all I could focus on but again then you get used to it. Plus you saw her nipples a lot during the show. This is the USA network though :p

The show used a lot of explosives for distractions and made sure to get leverage to win the under cover ops. The words used a lot in it was leverage and distractions. Leverage is a very powerful thing though it can get people to do things they wouldnt normally do. C4 was their favorite tool in the show though and got them out of sticky situations.

Michaels mom Madelene man she was a chain smoker if I ever saw one and she smoked in her house too and I could only imagine how her house smelled, in the last season though she quits after she gets custody of her grandson. I loved though how his mother got involved in spy jobs though, can you imagine a 60ish year old woman doing spy work?

His brother too, who was always in trouble did some spy work with his older brother Michael,  but he was a gambler but eventually gets married, has a kid and then separated and I was shocked when he got killed during a mission.

During the show they also hot wired a lot of vehicles, picked locks and made homemade bombs. Honestly makes me want to learn both, not bomb making though. Trying to become a prepper and I think those should be some skills to have.

I dont understand one episode they turn Michaels Dodge Charger into an armored car because of a job but they dont keep it that way, especially since on all his jobs he gets chased and shot at a lot? I mean personally I would have kept it that way especially if I was a spy.

OMG trying to read my notes, shit I have terrible handwriting. They also have a lot of celebrities in the show such as Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman), Danny Trejo (From Dusk till Dawn), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) and the older brother of Daryl in The Walking Dead.

I also realized spy shows make me want to plan and prep better. After the fourth season they get a new burnt spy on their crew and Michael was the one to burn him since he is still doing off the books missions for the CIA, which honestly I think is really stupid of him, after all they did burn him and make his life hell but he feels like he wants to still be in the CIA.

Anyway Jesse, the new burnt spy, which is hot too and he looks very familiar. Im still trying to figure out where I know that actor from? The actors name is Coby Bell, hes been in some shows but shows and movies I dont even watch.

My reviews have no rhythmic order but overall I loved the show. The last season was real intense and focused on a deep undercover mission Michael was doing for the CIA (of course) which Michael lost sight of his mission by supporting the enemy but finally Fiona snaps his ass out of it. His mother also ends up sacrificing herself to protect the outcome, which made me cry like a baby.

Like I said it was a great show and on Netflix and highly recommend it. I cant believe it took me so long to watch it. After each show I watched on Netflix I considered watching it and then I would choose something else.