Happy 8th Blogiversary JackiesRamblings.com!

Happy 8th Blogiversary JackiesRamblings.com!

Happy 8th blogiversary jackiesramblings.com!
credit: cooltext.com & dreamstime.com

Today I *thought was my 8th Blogiversary to the T but I was wrong. Its actually February 2nd 2008.

I guess when I imported my blog from blogger to wordpress self-hosted with hostgator in 2011 it did not take all the posts…just from February 27th 2008 and forward.

JR on Blogger

Oh well, its still February and its still been 8 years! YAY!

I started this blog on a whim, so that is why it was initially hosted on blogger, I had another blog on wordpress (self-hosted hostgator) called JackiesBizBlog.com about business but I wanted another blog where I could blog about whatever I wanted. Then JackiesRamblings.com was born. 🙂

I didnt really try to monetize it ever…I mean I posted links to the business(es) I was doing at the time but no bites came from it because I never had enough traffic. I never really learned how to blog properly.

As a teen growing up online I wrote in online journals and learned HTML to build basic websites thats it. Now, at (almost) 34 and 8 years blogging I am finally learning this stuff and trying to monetize it.

Let me tell you its no easy feat. Marketing online is constantly changing and so I am always trying to play catch up. On top of that I question my writing/blogging constantly.  I made myself a pact to blog every single day this year whether inspired or not too and have been since January 1st. But I love my blog and no matter what Im not going to give up.

Tonight, at the last minute of course, I had asked a couple of business groups if someone could make me a celebration picture with my logos, well people, who like to put others down, were really rude about it.

So I deleted my posts and did it myself on paint, google images (dreamstime.com) and using free text font cooltext.com.  Looking at it, I think I did a pretty good job. I think I should have made the text font gold a little darker, but I think it looks good. I tend to make a lot of things in Paint. It may not be as expensive or as neat as Photoshop but it gets the job done.

Happy 8th Blogiversary JackiesRamblings.com! I had my anime and logo made at fiverr.com, Ive had  a lot made at fiverr for JackiesRamblings.com actually though 😀 Theres an example with the logo and the image on the left.

My plans for JackiesRamblings.com are basically make a full time income from it, my initial goal is to make as I made at my last full time job.

March 7th 2016 is another day for celebrating because it will be my 1,000th blog post. I am also giving away a tablet and the winner will be announced in May (around my birthday).

I also have blog consultant assisting me in the near future about critique and redesign. I will continue to move forward with my blog and I hope you enjoy 🙂