How to Declutter the Simple Way

How to Declutter

How to Declutter

I know terrible image with the watermark, but IDGAF.

Anyway, I decided to blog about decluttering because Im getting ready to move from Utah to Arizona and its just on my mind so the best way to get rid of something on your mind is to write it down, am I right? :p

So Im going to over what method (which is the basic method of decluttering anyway) .

Its very simple really. You go from room to room (Im working on two rooms at once because my daughter and my things are in each others rooms) and you sort one pile into donating, keeping and throwing away.

For example:

Declutter your bedroom first – have clothing, sort into piles of keeping, discarding and donating. That is one thing the thrift stores dont lack is clothing and books lol!

I love decluttering its like cleansing your soul and I have needed this for a long time coming. I already have four bags again, Im trying to do one bag a day but looks like my mission now has to changed to as much as possible. I decided after I move I am going to keep my “stuff” to a minimum.

You can also profit from your junk by selling in facebook yardselling groups, ebay, amazon, craigslist, swapmeets, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, plus there are apps and websites that will buy your used books, cell phones, clothing etc the list goes on and on. I prefer not to deal with such shenanigans, not until at least after I move.

Im also trying to get my mom to donate her books, shes a truck driver and reads on the road either books from the library or book swaps and sales she picks up at truck stops. She also sends them to my Oma. I would rather just ditch it altogether but that is her deal not mine :p

Spring cleaning is around the corner, get started now and lift the weight of crap to clear your mind 🙂