New Facebook Reaction Buttons

New Facebook Reaction Buttons

New Facebook Reaction Buttons

Facebook’s new ‘Reactions’ buttons are here! Do you ‘like’ the emojis?

I woke this morning to Alonzo Lerone telling me about new FB reaction buttons from his FB page, at first I was confused till I had my cup of coffee and understood what happened.

FB gave us more emotions to play with for FB posts we read from our friends and pages. I was a little disappointed there was no dislike or thumbs down button but you have six options like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

At first I didnt see the update on my HTC smartphone (android)  till I restarted it. I had no FB update on my mobile so I was confused but when I restarted it it was there.

I like it so far and I hope they add more emojis in the future.

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