Top 10 Mind Opening Documentaries on Netflix

top 10 netflix documentaries
credit: netflix

Im a huge fan of Netflix and I like documentaries so here is a list of mind opening documentaries on netflix now in random order. 🙂

  1. Vegucated – A documentary follows 3 meat loving New Yorkers on eating vegan for 6 weeks to get healthier.
  2. Zeitgeist The Movie – Shows you things may not always are what they seem.
  3. Blackfish – The new age sea animal slavery.
  4. Pump The Movie – How did we get so dependent on gasoline?
  5. Making a Murderer – Put in prison for a crime he didnt commit.
  6. Happy – What is the secret to happiness?
  7. The Secret – Law of Attraction and how it works.
  8. Bottled Life – Sell us something we should get for free.
  9. Rise of the Hackers – Protecting our digital information from Hackers.
  10. Terms and Conditions May Apply – Is social media worth the loss of privacy?