Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Pork


In 2014 I tried to become vegan/vegetarian…I did pretty well for a couple or a few months, I cant really remember but now I am back to eating meat and dairy again.

I would like to try again in the future but not at the moment. I figure I could give up pork now and I would list the Top 10 Reasons to do so.

My family is part German so they eat a lot of pork in schinkennudel, weinerschnitzel etc…I am not a fan of bacon so I figure I could easily give it up. I havent ate any pork in weeks now as it is.

If you dont know what pork is, its basically the meat of a pig.

Now here is my list of Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Pork 😀

  1. My most IMPORTANT reason to do so is the Bible tells us not to. Per Bible scripture Leviticus 11:7-8 – And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.” I consider myself an aspiring Christian and believe that reason alone is enough to get me to quit eating pork.
  2. Speaking as an animal lover and former vegan/vegetarian and as PETA simply puts it, Pigs have feelings too. In fact, I was thinking of getting a pet pig when I moved to Arizona. So I am highly aware of the pain a pig must go through living on a factory farm before he becomes bacon for your morning breakfast.
  3. If you could care less about their feelings or how they are slaughtered inhumanely then worry about the diseases they can bring you, according to per the CDC “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than 100 viruses come to the United States each year from China through pigs.”“Of course, you’re probably familiar with H1N1, better known as ‘the swine flu.” This too is a virus that has made the leap from pig to human.”  You can also get trichinellosis, which is a parasite worm found in pigs. Plus if you research more so many other diseases to look out for.
  4. Christians arent the only ones who shouldnt be eating pork (although some do, I am partially in this

    category) but Muslims are forbidden because the pig is considered a dirty animal and will eat anything. Buddhists also have no meat in their diet period. see this link, this link and this link. Some Jews also do not eat pork. Many religions favor not eating pork.

  5. Pigs will consume anything in their diet, from feces, urine, garbage, dirt, etc…
  6. Pigs absorbs toxins like a sponge and since they do not perspire the toxins remain within their meat. Plus they are 30 times more toxic then beef or venison.
  7. Pig meat has twice as much fat as beef.
  8. “When eating beef or venison, it takes 8 to 9 hours to digest the meat so what little toxins are in the meat are slowly put into our system and can be filtered by the liver. But when pork is eaten, it takes only 4 hours to digest the meat. We thus get a much higher level of toxins within a shorter time. ” Source.
  9. More parasites, toxins and diseases.
  10. Because its wrong.

I hope you enjoyed 😀

I will make today my first official day of giving up pork.

5 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Pork”

  1. Funny you should write this. I am getting more and more uncomfortable being a meat eater. I am not a Biblical literalist, so that argument doesn’t work for me, but the fact that we raise animals to kill and eat makes me think hard about biting into any animal. Thanks for the thought-provoking post today.

  2. Interesting article. My wife and I gave up eating pork a few years ago and are happy that we did. #10 might be a little weak as a reason but it is explained very well in 1 thru 9. Here in Mexico pork is eaten everywhere, but what is interesting (and sad) is that the pork is imported from the states. Deep fried pig skins are sold on almost every corner and the locals love it. That’s fat fried in fat. Not Healthy at all. For us it is easy to avoid because we prepare most of our meals at home. When we do go out, we look for a healthier choice.

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