What is JackiesRamblings.com About?

Blogging-image-LinkedIn2 Honestly, Im really annoyed at the question and I guess I understand why its being asked. So yesterday I created a About JackiesRamblings.com page. Im quite proud of it really.

Im trying to monetize my blog and so I am trying to get advice where I can to make it better, at the same time Im getting on the defense because I love my blog just the way it is.

My blog is really simple. Just like the tagline states I blog is about my opinion and random things I like to talk about. Other people have niche blogs and good for them, once I monetize this blog I may create a blog with a niche and I will deal with less trial and error I have had with this one. idk yet.  I have a few ideas I have been throwing around in my head though.

Note: Monetize means make money and niche means a very specific topic such as fitness for women over 50 who eat too much yogurt.

My point is I blog about when I want and how often I want (trying to believe everyday this year and have done so successfully), I love this form of self-expression, although still trying to decide if I consider myself a “writer”. I plan to take JackiesRamblings.com to a new level though. 😀 Just trying to figure out how.

Thanks for reading 🙂