My 1,000th Blog Post! :D

1,000th Blog Post

1,000th Blog Post Well, less than 2 weeks ago I was celebrating my 8th blogiversary and now I am celebrating my 1,000th blog post.

I still have a lot of work underway for my blog though I think before I can optimize it and bring more traffic to it, so I will stick to blogging everyday till things get better.

I have a blog post review of Once Upon a Time coming up with I believe will be 2,000+ words, which will be the most I have ever wrote on one blog post. Note taking is a great thing to do when you are writing or blogging.

Im also thinking of challenging myself to one 10,000 word post. I can do it, I just need to do decided on a good topic to write so much about. I need to research it more too of how it should be done.

I made the image above with MS Paint and Cool Text again, I tried searching google images but nothing nice came up. This is alright, it gets the point across and I did green because of Saint Patricks Day coming up.

Technically this is not my 1,000th, I had deleted two previous posts because they had youtube videos on them that got removed. Now I am also going to becareful about what youtube videos I post because youtube likes to shut them down. Its rather annoying plus I heard they are having some copyright stuff going on, idk the whole deal on that but youtube seems to be getting more strict.

Some people say you need to have an editorial calendar so you know your topics for the whole month. I think thats insane. I barely know my topics for the next few days. Although I do have rough drafts of future posts. Plus would if you have no inspiration or nothing to write about?? IF I have no inspiration I post an image or quote.

I think blogging should be about when you are inspired to write and expressing yourself. If you want to blog about your passion do it regardless if you make money from it or follow some sort of blogging deal with lead captures, sales funnels etc.

Happy reading 😀

P.S. If you are are a regular reader of PLEASE leave a comment.