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Dr. Zevia Review Follow Up

dr. zevia review follow up Dr. Zevia Review Follow Up – After my initial review about Dr. Zevia, I shared it on Twitter and with Zevia and they were asking me to elaborate on the flavor so I decided to. They also liked my post on Twitter.

So I emailed the company explaining that I was told to get back to them. I still had 4 cans of Dr. Zevia left and felt I should give a better analysis of the flavor for the company so I drank another can.

It took them a few days to get back to me, which is understandable.

Then they finally responded (leaving out names)

Dr. Zevia Review Follow Up

Hi Jackie,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful message. We asked for feedback, and you delivered!
We are always working to create the best soda taste in any category, and your review is helpful. We are very proud to have made the first all-natural, zero calorie soda but we understand that taste is paramount. Can you elaborate specifically on what you do not like about the taste. I know you said it tastes like diet soda, but was it too spicy? Too sweet? Bitter? Too strong? Too weak? Lacking carbonation?

Can you provide the code on the bottom of the can you didn’t enjoy?  Perhaps we can find a more flavorful version as we are always improving our formulations.

We appreciate your comments, and will of course consider your thoughts.  I look forward to your reply.”

Then it took me a few days to respond lol! Honestly wasnt looking forward to opening up another can plus I was focusing on other blog posts.

Dr. Zevia Review Follow Up

I opened up another can tonight and was still unsatisfied with the flavor but had a hard time describing it, I also asked my mom and daughter to help me out. I even looked up ways to describe tastes since I couldnt think of anything specific. I am an amateur reviewer you know :p

Ironically my daughters homework I gave her tonight for homeschool was on the senses. How funny. My daughters response was tastes like the flavor you put in liquid medicine to make it taste better or it tastes like medicine.

My mom said it was too sweet and sour and tasted like pixel candy.

I personally thought it was sour, gingery, needed to be sweeter, watery. The carbonation is fine though.

Dr. Zevia Review Follow Up

So I emailed her back my response tonight with the code at the bottom of the can. This post will not be published till March 3rd so I hope she responds by then so I can close it with this post. If not I will just publish the post as is.

I am happy they took my review and turned it around to improve the flavor. I really do like the idea of healthy soda, especially a healthy version of Dr. Pepper. 😀

Well she did email me back this morning, said they will take our evaluation into consideration and will send me a coupon to try a different brand. So I gave her my address to send the coupon and going to try Zevias version of Coke  called Cola to see if it is better.