Going All Digital

Going All Digital

Going All Digital
credit: mhub.tv

idk sometime this week, even though I was already in the process, I decided I am moving everything to digital, especially movies, music, photos and tv shows. I watch everything on Netflix and I already purchased some digital movies from Amazon and having a growing digital video library.

Although I swore earlier I was going to try to cut back on technology I have grown quite dependent on it, like everyone else.

Right now I use google drive/docs for my files, documents, pictures etc. Which is so much nice since in the past I go through 1-2 laptops a year and I dont have to worry about broken laptops and losing anything. I have 19gb of space, I get 2gb extra a year and I can always upgrade.

Netflix I love, every month they have new shows and movies I can watch. If there is nothing on Netflix I want to see I just rent it, or even buy it on Amazon.

Music, I like to watch old and new music videos on youtube. I think they recently came out with a music app for youtube too. Even my subliminals are mp3 and are able to purchase and listen online automatically too 😀

I also have purchased a lot of ebooks to use for my Amazon Kindle App. I still prefer paper books too, I think those are one of the only things I wont go all digital for. Its nice having a paper book to read.

I do both paper and electronics notes and to do lists too. You kind of still need paper for things like that.

Anyway moving everything to digital also cuts back on clutter. Im so sick of having so much useless junk around. Throwing most of it out right now anyway.

I can say going all digital does help the environment, but you pay in other ways too.