How I Make Money with the Walmart Savings Catcher

How I Make Money with the Walmart Savings Catcher

how i make money with the walmart savings catcher I’ve always shopped at Walmart so I was intrigued with their new app featuring there Walmart Savings Catcher where you can get Walmart gift cards or Bluebird card just for shopping at Walmart! No coupons or price matches needed. Plus, Ive made over $130 using it!

Basically what the Walmart Savings Catcher does is takes the items you purchased at Walmart and goes through all its competitors prices and if they find a lower price they give you back the difference.

Its a very simple process really.

First you need to go to your google play or app store on your android or Apple iPhone and download the Walmart app. You will need to sign up for online or on the app and create an account. You will want to use a good email address because that is where they will send you your Walmart eGift card when you decide to cash out the difference.

How I Make Money with the Walmart Savings Catcher

Second you go shopping for your groceries. I recommend you buy name brand as you will get more money back. I don’t believe you get paid difference back on other store generics. I mix it up and buy both depending on what the item it is I’m buying.

Third you scan your receipt bar code at the bottom. The QR code. If you are unable to scan it you can type it in manually either online at or on the app itself.

How I Make Money with the Walmart Savings Catcher

Then it takes Walmart Savings Catcher around 3 days to process and complete your receipt detail and they will price compare with other major stores around your area. You will also get refunded your sales tax and item credits included.

Please note you can only submit 7 receipts a week and the receipt cannot be more than 7 days old.

My tip is to not only use your Walmart receipts but collect friends and family members receipts as well, my parents like to text me their receipts and I enter them manually online at under the Savings Catcher tab at the top of the screen.

How I Make Money with the Walmart Savings Catcher

Another tip I have is to collect receipts on your way in or out of Walmart as they are sticking out of the garbage cans or on the ground in the parking lot.

I am back up to almost $30 again from Walmart Savings Catcher. The $100 I made I used to help purchase another laptop I needed because my daughter had spilled food on hers. I like to use my Walmart gift card for stuff I need around the house or if I am saving up for something big that I can get at Walmart.

If you do not want a Walmart gift card (electronic) you can instead use your savings and get a Bluebird card which acts as an online checking account and acts as an American Express gift card. All you need is to register or link to an Bluebird account you may already have.

Once you decide to cash out your Walmart gift card, you will get an email with instructions for the cashier to scan the bar code on your email to use for your Walmart purchases. Your purchases can be made online or in store. The eGift cards are free and never expire as well.

I think the great part of this app is not having to deal with paper ads or coupons to lug around to save money, whatever you spend you get back from Walmart IF they find a lower price from their competitors. Makes shopping easier and makes it a great way to save money if you are trying to save up for something big. I figure its a great way to save for Christmas year round since you have to purchase groceries every week (or monthly) depending on what kind of shopper you are.