March 2016 Update

march 2016 update I almost forgot about my quarterly update and felt it was necessary to just do it now.

First off, Im improving my blog mucho. My SEO and traffic is getting better without depending on social media thanks to my SEO Yoast plugin.

But I also realize I cannot make it my source of income yet till Im actually making income from it. DUH. So its either freebies or MCA. I am choosing MCA.

Now heres the tricky part and the reason I have a silhouette for my featured picture for this post. I want to market the service ONLY. Not the biz opp. So I revived my MCA Facebook page and going wild trying to get engagement and interaction and crossing my fingers for sales. Again not quick enough.

Im getting some engagement which is good on my MCA Page on Facebook, but I also have biz opp leads too. But I know you dont need the benefits to promote the service and I am not going to lie to a team I create to make a sale period, even if you are supposed to be the product of a product. Which I believe A LOT in.

So I feel a little lost and confused because the first two months of the year, I focused on my blog and now Im changing direction but I would rather have money to fix my blog so it can make money then taking the slow route.

On top of that I am doing some majoring decluttering and throwing away shit. Im also listening to subliminals again. Pretty much all day if I am not decluttering or running errands lol! Some might find it nuts but you know what? They work period.

So now I am trying to figure out WTF I am doing. AGAIN. Its torture. And I sound like such a drama Queen and that itself makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

It was suggested I take a step back…so I think I will do that….so I can get my answer…and clear my mind…

Im trying to be more productive and motivated. I seem to only feel this way after 8pm. I make sure I listen to my audios and make at least one blog post a day and now focusing on this MCA FB page and cluttering my mind with assorted ideas.

Making my own money is top priority for me for so many reasons. I have to get my money mojo back.

Other than that I think everything is going good so far. 😀