Once Upon a Time TV Show Review (spoilers)

Once Upon a Time TV Show Review “Once Upon a Time is an American fairy tale dramatic series that premiered on October 23, 2011, on ABC. The show takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose residents are characters from various fairy tales transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse. Episodes typically feature a primary storyline in Storybrooke, as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life before the curse was enacted. The show airs Sundays at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT.[2]” wikipedia

The show currently has 5 seasons, just renewed for a 6th season and mostly has 22 45 minute episodes (without commercials on Netflix). I will only be reviewing the first 4 seasons available on Netflix.

Anyway let me begin as I took lots of notes and about to start season 3.  Now initially I thought only one actress played Emma, Snow White and Mary Margaret. I thought Jennifer Morrison, who played Emma played the other two characters also.

But then I realized after reading wiki that Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White and Mary Margaret. Those two look so much alike I could see how I would get it mixed up. I do wonder though if Ginnifer gets double pay for both Snow White and Mary Margaret? Ginnifer Goodwin I also recognized from the movie Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts. I adore that movie.

When I first saw Mary Margaret, I honestly thought she was an elf or fairy in the fairy tale land lol! Her ears and eyebrows are unusual in the show. But then as the show progressed realized she is Snow White, now in normal fairy tales Im not a huge fan of Snow White but OUAT Snow White kicks ass.

Watching Storybrooke it made me miss living in a small town too. I love small towns. Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, I remember from the show House. I loved that show, I think she went from House to Once Upon a Time because the start and endings were pretty close. House ended in May 2012 and OUAT began in October 2011 and the last two seasons of House Jennifer Morrison character was no longer really in it. Emma/Jennifer Morrison, even at the end of house has really gorgeous hair. I love the long wavy blonde hair.

After two seasons in, I still dont understand why the evil Queen is evil. I mean I do and I dont. Her dad loved her, her mother, shes another story. She started out good. She wants revenge on Snow White, when it really wasnt even Snow Whites fault. See, Cora (Evil Queen Reginas mother) tricked Snow White and then ended up killing her daughter (Reginas) fiance.

The Huntsman, who was also the towns sheriff (who later died) loved him as his fairy tale character, he was raised by wolves and cried over an animal and apologized when he had to kill an animal, such as a deer or boar for food to survive. That, as vegan/vegetarian inside of me, feels how a real hunter should behave. Not a barbaric asshole thinking hes hot shit because he shot something that had no room to run neither. Idiots. Not true hunters neither.

Now initially I did not like Mr. Gold, but now hes my favorite villain, he likes to play devils advocate and plays somewhat of a neutral role. He is also in love with one of my favorite Disney Princesses Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Since hes a villain hes considered the “beast” role in this series. My daughter asked though would if the real beast came lol, but she brought up a good point, she doesnt like Mr. Gold, but she has also seen all 4 seasons already. Belle, the actress is also from one of my favorite tv shows Lost.

Grannys Diner, which a lot of where the show takes place, serves alcohol, which I am not used to seeing and wonder if in the real world, other diners serve alcohol including hard liquor. The drink of choice for the show is hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Now in the beginning, Little Red Riding Hood, dressed like a slut and mostly in red colors (of course), now at first I didnt understand but when the curse broke at the end of season 1, she knew who she was and she started dressing better.

I like how a deals a deal in storybrooke, people keep their promises and their ends of the bargain, regardless if they like it or not. I also noticed two mantras, the first one “You always have a choice” and “True love kiss” fixes everything.

Love the fairies outfits and thought it was weird that the dwarfs hatched in giant eggs and are born to work. In the real world, or even a fairy tale that should be considered slave labor.

I think the evil Queen is really good inside just has some really shitty circumstances. Her and Mr. Gold have a continued battle of power. I love Reginas features too. I spend a lot of my time trying to figure her out and hope at the end of the series she has a happy ending.

I love one episode of OUAT when Leroy and Mary Margaret were trying to sell candles and nobody would buy any. So, Leroy took the initiative and cut the power so people would have no choice. They ended up selling out all the candles. THAT, is stuff I like to see.

So Emma broke the curse in season 1 but they are all steal in reality and not back at the enchanted forest? I wonder what else they forgot to do? I finally realized they ALL have perfect features too and that I loved Mr. Golds antique store with all their stuff from the enchanted forest.

When Mary Margaret/Snow White Emma is her daughter she tries to be as close to her as possible and protect her. I love that.

Regina, who never at all wanted to be like her mother, turns exactly like her because of her and Mr. Gold. I also wonder since Cora and Mr. Gold had a love affair if Regina could be his daughter too?

I find it amusing that Emma, Mary Margaret/Snow White and David all look the same age, I guess the producers thought it could be overlooked since its technically a fairy tale and they all have perfect features lol!

One part of an episode was annoying. Mary Margaret said it was her fault Regina wanted revenge for telling Cora Reginas secret, but then her daughter Emma says no its Reginas fault. Um, its not really Reginas fault. I mean yes she didnt need to do all this revenge shit but ultimately its Cora and even Mr. Golds fault for everything that happened. There was nothing really ever good about Cora.

I love how each ew episode brings everything closer to full circle with understanding how and why everything took place. More shows need to do that.

Not sure how I feel about Emma keeping Henry full time, LEGALLY he belongs to Regina. Thats not even legal. I guess again they overlook it because of storybrooke and its a fairy tale show.

I love the irony too. That Mr. Golds son, Neal, is also Emmas ex, which is also Henrys dad. Crazy how things play out right?

In the beginning I thought Hook was a douche, because he had no direction or purpose and was selfish, then he fell in love with Emma and now he does have purpose and is trying to be good and help.

Not a huge fan of the Peter Pan/Tinkerbell story but I do like Tinkerbells non-conforming and rebellious attitude and did her own thing.

The whole Neverland/Lost Boys was weird, only had boys and no girls and it had some weird undertones to that fairytale story on OUAT. Happy when that fairytale finally ended, it was a pretty dark part of the show.

Love Reginas wardrobe, as a Mayor and evil Queen, didnt like that Snow White isonly given one outfit to really wear but it was cute.

The shocking part was finding out Peter Pan was Mr. Golds father, hes even worse and more evil than Mr. Gold and their both OBSESSED with power. <rolling eyes> Peter Pans shadow is also pretty scary looking and could probably have its own horror movie that thing terrified me.

The whole revenge thing with Regina, Hook, Mr. Gold was getting really old, Im happy they finally grew out of it and realized they had bigger problems.

Before Peter Pans death of course he curses StoryBrook which sends the fairytale characters back to the Enchanted Forest and Emma/Henry to New York but with no memories of Storybrook or her family or anything. When they return though Emma decides to be a selfish bitch and doesnt want Henry to get his memories back so he wont feel pain, but what about all the love he has from their family?? His other mother Regina. Dumb bitch.

Omg Mr. Gold, Im sorry but hes hot, not surprised Im attracted to him, when I was a kid I was attracted to Beetlejuice so in my world makes perfect sense lol!

Watching this show more and more I realize I relate more to Regina for a couple of reasons…rarely falls in love and her true love is for her child. I also realize the more I watch the show the more annoying Emma gets.

The townspeople are always quick to blame, dense and dont follow all the facts. Those people who are ready to rally up and bring pitch forks at anytime theres an problem.

OMG I cried and was sad when Belle broke up with Mr. Gold, she always knew he was evil and loved power, why the change now? But I guess when she figured out with the gautlet that power was his true love. Still sad and they both still love each other. :'(

Im amused Season 4 the producers are like lets just throw three villains together we got moretowork with in the later seasons and have Malificent, Ursula and Cruella De Ville all team up to get their “Happy Endings”.

I think its terrible what David and Snow did to protect Emma before she was born, which was sacrificing her newborn to save their own, which of course, Emma runs in to as a teen. The irony just keeps coming out in this series.

I find it hard to conceive that Cruella was born a villain. According to the episode she killed her father and her mothers two following husbands then eventually her mother. Nobody is born evil, something must have happened.

I love the maternal situation in season 4, but its also been all over the seasons because Regina/Emma Henrys mom and Emma reuniting with her parents too. I love how soft and maternal Malificent is and not some evil scary dragon bitch as her daughter put it lol!

I love the alternative fairytale where the villains are the heroes and vice versa.

It was so refreshing at the season finale that Belle was reunited with Mr. Gold and that she doesnt love that Will dude (whom I thought was a pussy anyway compared to Mr. Gold). True Love conquers all right? I am happy he was finally relieved of the dark one too but now Emma is which I find very amusing at her new costume as the dark one lol!

Well now I can finally rewatch and watch the new season of House of Cards! When Season 5 of Once Upon a Time hits Netflix I will watch that too eventually. Debating on watching Fuller House after House of Cards to review it. idk, I was never a huge fan of the original Full House anyway.

My favorite character is Regina and Mr. Gold. Villains gone soft 🙂 but they are more interesting, honest and fun that way. My favorite episode hmmm not sure.  I just love how everyone is connected some way in the show.  So happy Belle and Mr. Gold are together again and he is no longer the dark one AND hes still alive. Such a relief.