Subliminal Technology Review Part Two

Subliminal Technology Review Part Two

Subliminal Technology Review Part Two

Follow Up from Original Post – Subliminal Technology Review Part One

Day 1 (March 1st 2016) I listened pretty much from 10 am to a little after 9pm at night. If you dont remember I am listening to Attract Money, Lose Weight Slim, Become a Writer from and Success Power from and yes was awesome to let me exchange my second purchase of Attract Money because I had already purchased it previously in 2013. 😀

Anyway, not sure if this is unusual or not, but today my parents bought healthy food and suggested I eat some too and I did. I ended up eating homemade chicken salad and for a snack cottage cheese with green grapes and blueberries with a Dr. Zevia. idk if its a coincidence, well it could be because my dad is on a diet and I planned on losing weight after we moved. Remember Im listening to Lose Weight Slim.

Another thing Im writing like crazy. When if you look back at my past posts I would post pictures when I had nothing or not inspiration on subjects to write about. Keep in mind this post isnt due until Monday March 14th! And its the March 1st Im already updating. Again, it could be another coincidence. Plus Ive only been at this officially today, even though I did a little listening yesterday and the day before and I didnt have the Become a Writer MP3 yesterday. Although I am dedicated to my writing and blogging, passionate you say could influence the powers that maybe. Who knows.

I will post again on Day 5 (March 5th) and try to keep track of any changes in between then.

Thought it was not necessary to report on March 5th but on March 12th, I decided to change my focus sumbliminals to Become an Entrepreneur, Attract Money, Motivation from and Success Power from because so its more in tune with being Successful, on top of that I have been watching tons of Personal Development on

I do feel more motivated, focused and confident. I have my game plan down for after I move for my business including timeline and dates. I am also taking a free course on Internet Marketing and learning a lot. Doing a lot better than I was a few months ago!

I do realize I have a lot of variables since I am listening to a few at a time and its hard to determine which will work but if you also remember since I believe they all do then they all effect my outcome. Maybe later I will do one company and 1-2 audios but not right now.

My next followup will be May 1st.

5/04/16 Update: Next follow-up will be August 1st 2016.