House of Cards TV Show Review (spoilers)

House of Cards TV Show Review

House of Cards TV Show Review
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“House of Cards is an American political drama web television series developed and produced by Beau Willimon. It is an adaptation of the BBC’s mini-series of the same name and is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. The entire first season, comprising thirteen episodes, premiered on February 1, 2013, on the streaming service Netflix. A second season of thirteen episodes premiered on February 14, 2014, while a third season premiered on February 27, 2015. House of Cards was renewed for a fourth season, which premiered on March 4, 2016. In January 2016, Netflix announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth season, due for release in 2017, along with announcing that Willimon would step down as showrunner after the fourth season. Willimon has stated that plans for the show’s future are decided after each season.[2]” Wikipedia

House of Cards so far has 4 Seasons 13 episodes each and is a Netflix Original.

Season 4 was just released on March 4th 2016, this is going to be my second time watching it and from the beginning but this time including season 4. It would be nice to start closer to the new season but thankfully for my short term memory and wanting to give it a proper review I am doing it again from the beginning.

So here we go and going to take lots of notes again like I have started doing in Once Upon a Time and at the end of Downton Abbey. 🙂

Im happy I watched it from the beginning again but as soon as I got to Season 4 it ended very quickly because I hadnt seen that season yet. I forgot in the beginning where Frank kills the neighbors dog who was hit by a car to put it out of its misery. He should have waited for the owners to decide but the dog was in pain, so Im 50/50 on that.

I liked Zoes ambition as a reporter and her willingness to risk everything for the real truth of the story, which ultimately cost her.

When Frank and Claire smoke outside their window, I wonder if its because they live in an non-smoking building, they dont want the smoke in the house or they like the fresh air? My family always chose to smoke outside regardless of the weather to not have the smoke in the house because of its narley smell.

I love how Frank and Doug collaborate quickly after he was not chosen for Secretary of State by the then President Walker. He sees a failure as an opportunity to jump over the obstacle and does with strategic planning with Doug, his Chief of Staff and somewhat of an errand boy who will do his dirty work without question. Admire Dougs loyalty to Frank as well as Meechums.

The theme song of House of Cards is amazing and by Jeff Beal. I love it and I swear I heard it elsewhere, just not sure where?

I love how every move with Frank and Claire is a calculated move to level up in political power with the ultimate goal as President.

HOC makes me feel like life is bigger than my little world and I need to think on a bigger scale. Frank and Claire are very much ambitious to be successful in whatever they pursue.

When Frank had to go to his hometown over a teenage girl who was killed for texting and driving over the giant peach and they want it removed I think is bullshit, its not the giant peach monuments fault the dumb bitch was texting and driving. I thought that was so ridiculous but does happen in real life because nobody takes responsibility for their actions and its always someone elses fault why they have problems smh.

Im not really surprised about Frank and Claires open relationship, they are in politics and have been married for almost 30 years, Im just happy that they are mostly honest with each other about everything.

To Frank Power is the ultimate, sex, influential people and money are tools to gain power to become president. He negotiates and if he has to black mails in order to get what he wants.

The only time Frank shows his truly sensitive needy self is when he goes back to his college and meets up with his old friends especially the one he had an affair with.

Again, the general public can be really unrealistic sometimes. When Peter Russo goes back to his hometown to gain votes for his run for governer and they are pissed off because Peter was black mailed into closing a shipping yard, the town is very hateful and does not understand how long it would take to get new jobs. Nothing happens overnight and people do not understand this. They want instant gratifications and forget things like starting a company, permits etc

President Walker was weak and a puppet and deserved to be pushed out of office by FU. He was already being manipulated by Tusk but when Frank does it hes the bad guy? All these politicians and such act like Frank is the only one playing dirty to get his way, its stupid.

I love Claire Underwoods style, very classy and dresses well. I love it. My favorite are her robes. I dont understand why everyone gave Claire such a hard time about being ambassador? IMO she had enough experience and was smart enough to figure shit out.

Francis has always been my favorite name, I love that that is his name. I think I loved it since I was a kid and watched Dirty Dancing.

I think it was wrong for Freddy to tell his grandson that he could never be President or a famous basketball player, that is where the negative shit starts, is at home which leads to leading a mediocre life and who is ANYONE to tell anyone that they cant make their dreams come true?? Bullshit right there.

When Corrigan committed suicide and Claire was upset by it, I think she wasnt only sad but she felt like she related to him. On another note, I think Claire lets her emotions lead her and as ruthless as she wants to be she is a very deep individual and Frank truly loves her.

OMG is funny how every show I watch, well most of the well off individuals eat organic food and use recyclable bags, which is a good thing, its just an observation.

House of Cards TV Show Review

I LOVE the Water Rowing Machine Claire purchases, omg I want one! I bought something similar on Amazon and use it occasionally, once I move I will use it more. I just want the real deal lol!

Its funny how the senate and congress all go up against Frank because he always ends up winning because he always is one step ahead too. Jackie Sharp and Kathy Durant had no problem taking from Frank but when it came to returning the favor that was a different story.

I was not expecting a threesome from Frank, Claire and Meechum. I wonder (even though it wasnt showed again) if they had more in the future? Im sure.

Doug is known for his dirty work but whats funny is he only killed one person and Frank killed two. That I dont understand?

I was really surprised when Frank got shot and of course Meechum took a bullet for him, he had strong loyalty, I also noticed Frank no longer had brown hair but gray? Is that saying he aged after being shot and almost losing Claire again? idk he looks better with brown hair though.

OMG I seriously thought Grayson was going to die lol! I thought Doug was going to make him his liver volunteer without actually submitting to it lol!

Of course, Im sure an unplanned calculated move from Frank getting shot gave him sympathy votes, lol love it.

The love story of the author Tom and Claire makes me want to vomit. I thought Frank had a thing for him too and there would be another threesome? I guess we will have to find out in Season 5, ANOTHER YEAR UGH!

I loved how Neve Campbell was in the show and became the campaign manager to Claire Underwood, she played her character very well too. I remember Neve Campbell from Party of Five, The Craft, Scream Franchise, Wild Things.

I thought Claires mom was a major bitch, even to Claire and Claire became very successful as a wife to a President, if anything she should have been proud.

The Conways are simply fake ass bitches. I cant stand fake people. Ugh they were so annoying. I cant wait to see what becomes of them and what skeletons they have in their closet.

I love Claires idea to become Vice President with Frank and it pretty much worked but Franks past was starting to catch up with him at the end of the 4th season. I am happy they worked out their differences too.

I think I need to watch the 4th season again. It kind of happened so quickly after the first 3 seasons went so slowly since I had seen them before. idk maybe I will just to refresh myself, but I dont see no point till the 5th season comes out again next year.