National DARE Day 2016

National DARE Day 2016

national dare day 2016

I was just going to post the image and nothing else but I have a memory of the DARE program growing up (just like the Boys and Girls Club)  so I figured I would share. Such an AWWW moment :p

Anyway I remember in elementary school, yes it was elementary, living in Las Vegas, NV, our school took us on a field trip to some D.A.R.E event where they gave us black and red lettered t-shirts and Lunchables and spoke to us about drugs.

Thousands of kids there, it was like a concert hall of sorts, idk, I only remember the event itself.

Anyway I never had any desire to do drugs growing up, although I have tried pot and it is a plant IMO and good for health, but anything else no interest in, not even prescription meds. I do cross my fingers for Marijuana Legalization for recreational use. 😀

I also find it ironic that the day after 420 is National DARE Day, go figure : p

But the DARE program I will always love and carries a nice memory for me and is a good program. I hope my daughter can share in the same experience with DARE.