Parenthood TV Show Review (spoilers)

Parenthood TV Show Review

Parenthood TV Show Review “Parenthood is an American television drama series developed by Jason Katims and produced by Imagine Television and Universal Television for NBC. The show tells of the Braverman clan, which comprises an older couple, their four children, and their families. One of the grandchildren depicted has Asperger syndrome, which has gained attention throughout the press.

Loosely based on the 1989 film of the same title, the series is the second adaptation of the film to air on television preceded by the 1990–91 TV series, which also aired on NBC. Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed TV series Friday Night Lights, Katims approached Ron Howard and Brian Grazer with the idea of creating an updated, modern adaptation of the 1989 film and bringing it to television.[1]” Wikipedia

For this show, honestly I have not taken notes, kind of preoccupied. I never reread really what I write, I just hit publish. So my whole spiel is probably sometimes choppy at best.

Personally I always wanted 2 or 4 kids, either boy and a girl or two boys and two girls. The siblings in this show are interesting, of course the oldest and boy is responsible and good, the second oldest and female was rebellious, the third was also rebellious and irresponsible, the fourth was good and had a nice career.

In my family I am the oldest and most responsible.

Parenthood is based off my one of my favorite movies also titled Parenthood and Directed by Ron Howard. I didnt know that they had also made a previous TV show in the early 90s based on the same movie. Which I see was short lived.

I love how Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls is in the show, I loved Gilmore Girls, I cannot stand Lauren Grahams character though in Parenthood, Sarah. She is sooooooooooooo annoying.  Just reading her wiki, I learned she is dating her character brother from Parenthood Peter Krause since the show began in 2010 in real life!

In the beginning I thought Monica Potters character Kristina Braverman, was snobby and stuck up. In the later season though I dont think she is as bad but she does think her Braverman family is better than the other siblings of her husband.

I think Joel moving out over Julia kissing another dude and having an emotional connection with ED was stupid. He later regrets it when she has obviously moved on and is dating other men. I thought he was such an idiot.  They eventually reconcile and adopt 2 more kids though.

I was disappointed when Camille and Zeek sell the family home that they grew up in and had for over 40+ years. Personally I couldnt do something like that, even if all my children moved out.

Back to Sarah, I thought Mark, the English teacher was so fucking annoying omg, his character kept popping up almost every season and hes like a little needy puppy dog, even when he was married he was still in Sarahs face,  he was more annoying than Sarahs character, who finally got better at the last season and her best was def Hank, played by Ray Ramono and who she ends up marrying the series finale.

I think the most shocking thing was the Bravermans did not have a religion of any sorts, except for Crosbys wife Jasmines mom, who I think was Catholic Im not sure.

I thought Drews ex Amy was slutty and self-serving. His new girlfriend from college is pretty cool though.

I love the marriage and ambitions of the oldest Braverman Adam and his sometimes stuck up wife Kristina, because of them opening the recording studio with Crosby, Kristina running for Mayor and then later opening a Charter school for kids like their son Max, who has Autism.

Watching this show also made me realized I need a hobby because the parents Zeek fixed cars and stuff around the house, Camille painted and traveled. I need something that I enjoy doing besides Blogging.

Parenthood TV Show Review

I noticed they also ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lol! I think that is why I started eating them late at night with my milk too while watching the show.

I also love that they have weekly family dinners at the parents with all the children and grandchildren.


I liked the ending of the show and how everyone ultimately ended up happy and together and with more children, I was sad when Zeek, the grandfather passed away but the show was prepping for it the last two seasons anyway so it wasnt unexpected.

I feel like also understand Autism a lot better too even if it was based on a fictional show, but every element in the show was possible to be something to actually happen in real life such as the cheating, working with family members, autism, adopting, teenage pregnancy, marriage, illness, old age etc

Watching Sarah get married a second time at say 42 (I think she was in the last season?) also made me think of myself in the future.

I think it was a really good show.