My Dermatology Appointment

My Dermatology Appointment

My Dermatology Appointment
credit: West Valley Dermatology
My Dermatology Appointment
credit: West Valley Dermatology

I had my annual physical a few months ago and my awesome Doctor referred me to a couple of referrals he recommended based on my symptoms, first because I felt lumps for a long time in my breasts (because my previous doctor did nothing about it) I finally had a mammogram and because of my freckles and moles he referred me to a dermatologist.

Well my referral for the skin spot exam I kind of skipped over that referral until now (wanted to get it done before I moved to AZ because idk when I will have health insurance again). :p So I went back to my doctor and had him do blood work (the same my typical high cholesterol), got ibuprofen and Omeprazole for my seriously bad heartburn.

Mainly though for the referral for the Dermatologist because all my life I have had freckles and moles all over my face and back, plus because I have fair skin I burn easily, I never use a tanning bed (maybe once or twice) and have been sunburned a couple of times in my life.

I like to blog about these visits to help me remember and keep track and they are certain experiences in my life. I barely remember my appendicitis surgery and now I can read and go back to it to remember what happened. 

Anyway so I asked my mom to go with me, last time I took my daughter with me to my mammogram, so its just nice having someone there 🙂

I had the appointment on April 12th 2016 and we went in early to fill out the paperwork, the wait wasnt too bad and the staff was really friendly. They took me back and did my blood pressure, asked me some health questions, small talk and why I was there and I told them my doctor had referred me and just wanted to get it done before I moved. Plus she took a profile picture of me for the online patient portal.

The doctor finally came in, he checked all my freckles on my face and back, the moles I was concerned about. He found two (2) on my back (pic above), took a picture of them and shaved them off for the biopsy, he told me he will send them off to the lab and let me know in a week for my results.

My Dermatology Appintment
credit: mom (after biopsy)

I also registered at the patient portal and I can check my results there too, so now all I do is wait. I also had my mom take a picture of it, I have to take care of it so that my skin can heal because they were shaved off.

Will update and publish post once I have the results…

Well Monday April 18th 2016, the doctor left me a voicemail and after playing phone tag I reached him and he told me one of the moles were fine and the other is early stage of Melanoma and I need to have surgery, so now I am trying to find a good time to schedule the surgery since I am on the tip of moving to AZ.

He said he needs to take the skin off 6-8 inches from around the mole was, not sure how deep maybe less than half an inch, to make sure he gets everything and I cannot take any blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen, which kind of sucks since that is mainly what I use ibuprofen for everything (headaches, cramps, toothaches etc)

My appointment is Thursday, April 21st 2016 at 4pm, just need to avoid blood thinners like ibuprofen and I can drive myself home since its a local anesthetic for pain , so I will bring my daughter with me.

Last night, I had a headache of course and could not find any Tylenol anywhere, or an Acetaminophen, the closest thing I could find were for children and bubble gum chewables, it didnt take away my headache/toothache so I looked up headache remedies online and used essential oils I bought ages ago and it actually worked 😀 Reminded me how I want to use more natural remedies and ingredients too such as coconut oil and braggs apple cider vinegar as well.

I havent really told anyone, the only people that know is my daughter, parents and one online friend who went through similar with melanoma. Im not telling anyone because 1) I dont like sympathy, Im not seeking attention for shit 2) Im at stage 0 or 1, so its no big deal and 3) its not anyones business.

I didnt think I would be though but I am really scared and idk why. I shouldnt be, its no big deal, I just want to get it over with and move already. I did realize why I was scared, because it is Cancer.

Now I just wait for my surgery.

Well surgery was today (4/21/16 @ 330pm) , I was really nervous the whole morning and picking my fingernails. Anyway we left an hour early (my daughter and me) and got their 40 min early (Im an early bird, I hate being late, rushing and I hate others who make me late or rush) anyway we signed in and he put us in a room at 315pm, I was told to change my top half for those sheet shirts with open back and we waited less than 10 min and he saw us.

I was trying to remember all the questions I wanted to ask…like the kind of anesthetic (which was local), how long the surgery would take (they said half hour) and how they would close me up (stitches) and if I could drive after…and I was able to.

My Dermatology Appointment
credit: mom (after surgery)

He said mm he would cut around the melanoma so it was around 7 mm not inches lol, he wasnt sure how deep, he just said just below the skin…so I assume a 1/4 inch or 1-2 mm.

I felt nauseous after the procedure but was ok to drive home. During the surgery he was playing classical music too. It was nice.

I have to go back in and have the stitches removed in a couple of weeks and do aftercare. Plus in a few months I need to do a follow up to make sure the melanoma is gone..

The surgery itself was kind of weird, since it was a local anesthetic I could feel something and I couldnt…I could feel him putting stitches in me too, like pulling my skin…since the pain reliever was in certain areas I could feel tiny cuts but he would just put in more to daughter held my hand the whole time and since she didnt want to see the procedure she just played with my phone, how sweet of her <3

Here are some links for info:
Surgical Excision of Melanoma
Developing A Second Melanoma

We went to Subway afterward and I saw my local Subway had the veggie patty! I was so excited, I have always wanted to try it, I got that and my daughter got the chicken bacon ranch…its been a strange day with Prince passing away today and Chyna passed away yesterday, but everything really wasnt all that bad…But this week has been strange so far.

Joined a couple of Melanoma Facebook Groups and Im not really out of the woods just yet…in a few months I have to go see the dermatologist again and have to do an annual melanoma check up in case I develop a second melanoma. I barely make it to the docs as it is, I guess I will need to stay on top of it.

I will post about my follow up in a couple of weeks and then publish 😀

credit: mom
credit: mom

Well, we went to my appointment, this time with both my mom and my daughter today (5/4/16) and it took the nurse less than 5 minutes to remove the stitches and she gave me a follow up Dermatologist for AZ to go to in 3 months (August 4th 2016) and that was it.