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Me Peace Love Vegan shirt & Vegan Cow necklace 2014

Me Peace Love Vegan shirt & Vegan Cow necklace 2014

I initially decided to go Vegan in 2014. See post HERE and the guidelines for myself I had posted back then are a lot more stricter now.

Now that I am going back it is still a learning process and finding my routine with foods. The plan is to slowly eliminate foods. First meat then dairy. So I guess Im starting out as a Vegetarian then possibly becoming ultimately a Raw Vegan.

I quit because I let life get in the way which is a stupid reason if you ask me. So now I plan to go Vegan and stay that way.

Potato & Bean Tacos

Recipe: Potato & Beans Tacos – black beans, potatoes, diced onion, diced tomato, diced serrano chiles topped with avocado – sauteed in Coconut Oil and Smart Balance butter – salt to taste

Which will also align with the Crunchy lifestyle I plan to live also.

Ive already purchased a lot of milk alternatives and meat alternatives. Ive also joined more Vegan Facebook groups and reactivated mine.

Im working on getting myself a few good solid recipes to make plus plan to make Vegan rice bowls and meal prep some.

Story: My local Subway I requested veggie patties but regretfully got the oven roasted chicken and didnt enjoy it at all and wished I had got the veggie delight instead. But we all make mistakes.  The feeling you get though when the food you eat has no animal product in it is such relief and happiness its unreal.

The picture on the right are the potato and bean tacos I made and my daughter LOVED them and wants me to make them again this week. She wants to try all my crunchy and vegan foods but is free to make her own choices.

Note about Smart Balance spread: Back in 2014 I bought Smart Balance spread, because as far as I knew it was Vegan and considered Vegan also, recently though I am learning ONLY Smart Balance Light (with Flaxseed oil) is Vegan. But looking at Light it uses Palm Oil and that is not Vegan. So instead of playing the guessing game I will be switching to Earth Balance spread

Animal Petitions: Debating if I am going to sign animal petitions again, they depress me so much but I want to help.

GMOs: My concern mainly right now is going Vegan and staying Vegan. I will jump through that hoop later.

I also plan to juice and make smoothies more. Sadly I gave my juicer to my cousin after I got my Nutribullet so now I plan to buy the same juicer again  and use it with my Nutribullet.

Check my old Vegan Blog for Resources on Going Vegan 😉 (right hand side links)







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