Customers Misspelled Names Cost Business

Customers Misspelled Names Cost Business

Customers Misspelled Names Cost Business Decided to do a short rant of sorts. Nothing irritates me more then when someone misspells my name. My name is Jacquelyn NOT Jacqueline. If you are going to misspell my name you can pretty much GUARANTEE on me not listening to your pitch or doing business with you.

A situation like this at Starbucks I understand but when you are messaging me via email or Facebook, no way. My email name is Jackie and Jacquelyn is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU on Facebook. You can even call me J.

I tried looking up further posts or articles on this and couldnt find any. But I can almost bet it does cost major companies business if they are in the middle of an online chat with a customer and the agent continuously types the wrong customer name. If you find such articles on it please link them below in the comments.

I cringe every time someone misspells my name and sometimes correct them. I ignore online pitches now and small talk so it doesnt matter anymore.

You know what it says to the customer when you misspell their name?

  1. You are not paying attention.
  2. You dont care to consider who they are.
  3. You only care about making a buck.
  4. You are lazy.

Remember that next time when you are grooming a customer to make a sale because I can almost be sure if you misspell their name you will NOT make the sale. At least 90% sure. And if you do consider yourself lucky because I dont tolerate that shit and its the FIRST thing I notice too.

I admit I have done it but I also corrected myself IMMEDIATELY after doing so because I remember how much it pisses me off personally.

So take the advice and dont muck up again on someone elses name when doing business.