June 2016 Update

June 2016 Update

arizona-welcome Well time for my quarterly update! First, FINALLY made it to Arizona (moved). Arrived on Mothers Day evening. My daughter and I absolutely LOVE it!

We moved together with my parents. The house hunting and packing/moving was hell but well worth the wait.

We are out of the suburbs and now surrounded by desert nature and back in a small town again. Im just so relived to be out of the city again. I am also even more happy to not be in limbo anymore too!

Anyway back to my update. I had a skin spot appointment I had a few days before we left. Nothing too much to worry about it, had surgery and now its better.

Had my first birthday here and spent it checking out the town, I love how everything is all spread out. Its weird how there are lottery tickets and hard alcohol at stores too, because in Utah no gambling and hard liquor can only be found at the State Liquor Stores.

Now my plans are to get settled, check out the town and make some income again.

IMG_20160527_134743 Well I got my AZ Drivers License and getting my daughter registered for school. So getting more settled but now I have no idea what I want to do. I used to love online marketing and now I just despise it. I plan on working as a caregiver part time when Liz does go back to school but business wise nothing sounds appealing.

I thought I was going to do cold calling and ebay but idk, I thought of selling candles again, but just the thought of marketing online makes me sick. I used to make good money marketing online too, especially Facebook.

I think working as a caregiver outside the house will make me feel better and give me the money I need to build my business online.

Anyway I am loving the town and state & seeing all the critters like lizards, jack rabbits and hedge hogs. Plus happy it finally happened, I have wanted this for years. Until my next update in September! 😀