Top 10 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat

Top 10 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat

Top 10 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat

I just moved here from Salt Lake City, Utah and I forgot how bad the heat can get since I lived in Vegas. Just last week it was in the 110s in Tucson and in Phoenix alone it was in the 120s in Arizona.

So I was inspired today, by the heat, to write the Top 10 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat.

1. Dress for the occasion. Wear (if you can) light clothing such as tank tops, shorts and sun hats. I understand if work that isnt possible but at least you will have a good working air conditioner at work. 😉 On top of wearing light clothing I highly recommend you wear a good sunscreen. Preferably natural sunscreen.

2. Make sure to have a working air conditioner or swamp cooler (or both! watch the electric bill though) and keep a fan in every room.

3. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Drink fruit water to mix up the flavor. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they will make you more dehydrated.

4. Try not to cook. Eat sandwiches, salads and fruits or use the microwave. If you do cook, grill outside to keep the house from getting overheated. If you have to cook do it early morning or late evening.

5. Buy cool pillows, spray bottles and portable mist fans. I have tons of pillows, but even in Utah I still slept with the fan on and now I need a cool pillow so I dont get hot at night or while Im napping. (which I always do) . Spray bottles are great to spray your animals and mist fans are good for yourself to stay cool.

6. Take cold showers.

7.  Go swimming in your community pool or go to a water park. Dont forget the sunscreen!

8.  Exercise indoors. Do workouts on youtube or that do not require any equipment if you dont have any.

9. Try to run your errands on the more cooler day and do it either early morning or evening and altogether.

10. Try to stay indoors if possible, especially on the hottest days.

I hope these tips helped! Have a great Summer 😀