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V.C. Andrews V.C. Andrews per Wikipedia

As a Teen growing up I was intrigued and read most of the V.C. Andrews series as well as Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal.

They also did a Lifetime movie starring Kristy Swanson in the 80s on Flowers in the Attic, no where near how the book is but like movies ever are? Anyway then I learned they did all 4 from The Dollanganger Series in 2014 on the books. So I plan to rewatch the 80s version and then the new ones from 2014 from Lifetime network.

Her work is amazing and her ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman has done a marvelous job sticking to the way she writes. I had no idea he had written The Devil’s Advocate. I had watched the movie with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino and just rewatched it again a few weeks ago.

When I was a teen I had the whole collection, then moving and everything it was lost :/ then again in my 20s I had the whole collection, then the same occurred with moving.

Now Im just buying the books from Amazon and using the Kindle app on my tablet to read them. Plus, I am trying to stay away from clutter. Moving I was able to purge and get rid of a lot and want to stick to having as little as possible. Plus I am moving everything to digital anyway from movies, tv shows and books.

Anyway now in my 30s, I decided to reread her entire collection, which is now majority of Andrews writing. I started with Flowers in the Attic, I am already on Petals in the Wind and I just started again a couple of days ago. Im trying to pace myself. Although decided when I was done I will reread also the Sweet Valley High books I grew up with as well.

I remember my favorite series from V.C. Andrews collection was The Landry Series. I also remember the last of the series before I stopped reading and there were no new books out yet was The Orphan Series which was published in 1998. But now Andrew has quite a few more series out, so now I have a lot to look forward to 🙂

At one point in 2014, after my daddy passed away I started reading Danielle Steel Novels from the library. Her work is great, I just wish she had a series on her works, but that is her style of writing. 🙂 I even emailed her once and I think she personally responded. Speaking of which, I need to start going to the library so I am not only purchasing books to read.

The only other books I enjoyed as well was The Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer. I read and watched all the movies from that series. I only liked the first and last book/movie from that series, which was Twilight and Breaking Dawn.

I read a lot of non-fiction self-help books but sometimes we need some good fiction to escape reality.