I Love Mangos

I Love Mangos I Love Mangos! I was first introduced to the mango fruit when I lived in Mexico with my (ex)husband. His mother gave me one and cut it just as it is on the picture on the right, its called something like a turtle back or something, anyway I thought they were DELICIOUS!

Anyway not until I became Vegan and decided more so I wanted to be a fruitarian, or raw vegan have I started eating mangos regularly. My favorite is eating them every night with Tapatio hot sauce, lemon juice and salt while watching my Netflix.

Disappointed though for a couple of reasons. The season of the mango (which is Summer) is over, so the cost of mangos have went from around 50 cents each to $1.50 each! On top of that, the last 3 (expensive!) mangos I bought are kind of sour, or I am not letting them ripe long enough? Anyway I will get over it.

My favorite meal also with mangos is in smoothies, or eating as a raw vegan is with a banana and orange and some water. That is one of the best meals I have ever had!

I love Mangos! 😀